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produced by Tear Drop (Legit Records, inc)
release date June 16, 2007

THE # 1 PLAYBOY (2007)
produced by Tear Drop ( Legit Records, Inc.)
to follow single!

THREE STRIKES (1996) single

I GOT MY BABY (1996) full CD



It was late 1998, Tear Drop was faced with the decision, whether to continue his relationship with the indi company that he had signed to, or to move on with his dream of owning and operating his own record company.

Tear Drop received his recording contract in 1996, his first CD was released, with "THREE STRIKES" being the single. He received great reviews from Maxine Waters and took Los Angeles by surprise! His video aired on BET, Video Vibrations and the Box. Still today you can find Tear Drops older video "LIFE IS SO DAMN HARD" on Yahoo Music!

The CD release party was held in Beverly Hills at a hotel on La Cienega Blvd. called the Nikko Hotel. Just so happens, Tupac was staying at the hotel at the time, so it was destined for the two to meet! Two weeks later they were both interviewed together at a show in Hollywood where Tupac was performing, the topic was the three strikes law! Tear Drop says that he could tell that when Tupac spoke, that he was a fully developed artist. Tear Drop on the other hand had no artist development, but picked up quickly on the important things that weren't taught to him. Tear Drop says that he was a shark, put among other sharks, toothless, but no one knew but him. He has self educated himself and says now he has teeth, and they are sharp as a knife! This is the very reason that he insists on artist development at Legit Records, Inc.

Soon after his CD was released, Tear Drop began performing at clubs in Los Angeles and the surrounding cities. He performed several times with top artists such as YoYo, and other local artists. From there he went on to do the Chitterling Tour. He performed at clubs from South Carolina on down through Mississippi and New Orleans, ripping every club and traveling with just two females from the company. He truely had something to prove!

Once Tear Drop finished with the southern tour, he was invited by promoters to perform with Master P and The No Limit Soldiers in Indianapolis. Tear Drop said that he didn't understand at the time, what had happened, but he arrived at the auditorium in a van, but left in the limo that the headliner came in. I guess the promoters were impressed by his performance!

This was the show that Tear Drop believed propelled him on to the Dogg Father Tour, were as Snoop Dogg was the headliner. He signed on as the opening act, but after the first show promoters had to change when Tear Drop was to come on, because so many artists were booed that came after him. They had Tear Drop perform right before a major artist such as Too Short, or Redman. Local artists just couldn't compete with the performance, and even though Tear Drop was not a well known artist, they auditorium chanted his name several minutes after his performance. Everyone complimented the show and the same promoters offered Tear Drop a chance to go over seas to perform, But he says that the company refused!

As soon as the tour was over, Tear Drop said that he came home to pilled up bills that the company had promised to take care of. At this point, he wittnessed the company for what they were, and left. Tear Drop told himself that he would change careers to something that would allow him to tour and bring in the money it cost to run a successful company. He went from rapper slash custodian, to a professional realtor, and used this a stepping stone back to the industry!

Tear Drop received his California Real Estate License in 1999. His first year in real estate he won awards for multiple sales under his belt and had several press reviews on his professionalism. He states, for the last eight years, he's been leaning business skills that transcends, like legal binding contracts, marketing and promoting etc. He says that it's all the same, just a different product, and different tactics.

In late 1999, Tear Drop's wife came up with the name...Legit Records, and Tear Drop was pleased! He states that every real gangster, street thug, drug dealer, pimp and prostitute, all they want at the beginning and the end of the day is to just be legit! Real spit!

Early 2006, Tear Drop began production on his latest CD titled "THE # 1 PLAYBOY", with his single from that project being "MEMORIES". The old fan base and the new, will get an ear full when they hear this CD, because not like his first project, Tear Drop produced this full CD himself, with help from Steven Diaz, whom collaborated on two tracks, "BANG TO DA BOOGIE" and "NIGGAZ WANT ME DEAD". Scheduled release date for the single"MEMORIES" is June 16, 2007, with the full CD to follow soon after!

Legit Records, Inc. is currently recording Tavia and Lyrical's projects, with Tear Drop over seeing all production. He says that both artists will give the industry and consumers a big surprise! They are both going through a personal artist development program, and will be full rounded artists by the time their projects are finished. We would also like to include our R&B king and Contempary Rock queen, June