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It can be somewhat hard to explain what kind of music TEARS OF HEL makes. Heavily rooted in rock, the band never limits itself to specific genres, and musically explores a lot while remaining radio-friendly as much as possible in the process.

For what we are sure of, ToH was brought together by two near-Montreal born and longtime friends Alexandre Boismenu and Dominic Lamarre - once both in the now-dead band HAPPIER THAN YOU, who recorded more than 300 songs - plus the soundtrack for the indie-film 'DECADENCE PSYCHOTIQUE', during their short existence, which is only a part of the experience they have now.

Now what exactly inspires a band like TEARS OF HEL? Bands like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, The Beatles and Alice in chains of course, but it goes way beyond that, being hardcore fan of lesser-known (but amazingly good) Self, Akira Yamaoka, The Residents, Abandonned pools, Emilie Simon and much, much more...

What's the experience behind TEARS OF HEL you ask? As mentioned before, they were both in the highly prolific HAPPIER THAN YOU, but Alexandre formed and fronted Rusty Chains, Karma Crisis, and even played in Japan as well.

Dominic was also very active. Aside from HTY, he created a solo/not-so-solo project SUPERMASSIVE QUAzAR, which turned out to be played around the world (and also available at a very resonable price on amazon.com, CDBABY and ITUNES, and even on Yahoo Music Japan) and got himself a few of Publishing deals.

So imagine all this experience brought together as a single band, an entity ready to rip your fucking soul apart and spit down your throat and piss on your sofa while you're watching.

Experience? Experience????? I'll give you experience motherfucker!!!

TEARS OF HEL, while enjoying being a live band, spends a lot of time in studio and gets involved in everything ToH (after all, Alex is a distinguished graduate of the reknowned Trebas institute), from recording music to making videos (Dominic has also a lenghty past in cinema, including a cool feature-lenght film called 'CRESCENDO') to being very active online (they have a nice following on sites like amiestreet.com and on their own site www.tearsofhel.com, which they use frequently and have a great relation with their fans - including spoiling them rotten, flooding them with new material and getting them involved with the band).

On the verge of putting out an EP ('A CALL FOR THE COLONEL - EP' - which includes an impressive Live version of their cool song 'SHUT THE FCK UP' and the great studio version of 'MISTER JUNK MOLO', among other great titles), TEARS OF HEL's desire is to get in studio, make a great album, hit the road and conquer the world, simply put.

Remember though, all in all, TEARS OF HEL sounds different... but in a familiar way.