Tears of Mars

Tears of Mars


A lot of bands sound great in the studio, especially the singers, but when you see and hear them live your dissapointed and thats what sets us apart from the rest. We are better live then we are in the studio!


It all started when 3 brothers were born into the same family, from the same parents.They were raised in a musical home, coming from 3 generations of musicians.They began listening and playing various instruments from a young age and began to pick their favorite and stick with it and have now been joined by their childhood friend on drums. They have now formed the band you see before you! "Tears of Mars"....
We ar einfluenced by Jeff Buckley, Radio head , Third eye Blind, Pedro the Lion and alot of other killer bands
what sets us apart from the rest, is our songs and our live show and our Lead singer puts us over the top. Must hear live to appreciate!


We have two demos out, that we give away for free at all our shows and are currently working on our full lenghth C.D. We have free streaming MP3s downloads on our website

Set List

Oue typical set is between 30 mins to a hour, depending on the venue
Setlist consists of our Original songs
1.My Way
2. 1 in 10
3. Just a Heart
4. Motives
5. The Pledge
6. Slipping
7. Iridescent Make-up
8. Nine Eleven
9. Hit and Run
10. Sad Christmas
11. Home