Tears of Red

Tears of Red


only need 2 words STRAIGHT RECKLESS!!!


We are a 5 piece metalcore band from NJ. We have a great mixture of melodic metal and some brutal breakdowns we are all about the METAL\m/ !We are heavily influenced by Killswitch Engage, Metallica, Evergreen Terrace, It Dies Today, and many more. This band has been a hidden wonder for about 5 years now. The members of this band have been in and out of bands with each other for a long time and are friends of many years. They are now the make-up of Tears of Red



Written By: Tears of Red

he will not break
his will stands strong
in the face of evil
everything id ripped from his life in one flashing moment of trail
asking why
believed to be forsaken
by his one and only
he cries out in agony
for he is alone and disfigured now
boils burnt on is body
from the ever lasting sun
that sheds no mercy
tormented and hated
but his faith stands strong
he has a longing hope
that these days will end
prayer is his only sancuary
he has prayed
no more toils haunt him now
he has prayed
clensed and cleaned
he has prayed

Set List

Our set list normally consists of
War Within:N/A
Rambo John J: 3:35
Careless Hearts and Broken Dreams: 4:55
Left with Nothing: 2:57
Gone: N/A
and if we have time we give the crowd a lil sum sum
we covor.... Losin it by Bury Your Dead