Brownsville, Texas, USA

Tech-Support is an electro solo live act project, based in the US/MX Gulf border area since the beginning of the XXI century, two borders in one synthesized mind in search for random noises to experiment with your heart.


After a long polluted journey playing in rock bands, Tech-Support emerge to find a post-global warming world.

Now, after more than 20 years producing music, Tech-Support keeps a “no style or limit” style, covering a wide sonic area, from random experimental melancholic harmonies or minimal forms up to distorted melodies, energetic colored rhythms and dysfunctional textures.

Tech-Support has performed extensively from Matamoros to Tijuana, from Monterrey to Dallas, Tx., as well as in some of the most important Music and Cultural Festivals in both sides of the US/Mex Border.

"Hardcore meets dance music from the post-nuclear war era"
Taladro Magazine

"Pantera meets Chemical Brothers and Juan Garcia Esquivel in an underground nuclear shelter party"
Radio Tamaulipas


- Demo 0001 (independent 2003)
- Demo 0002 (independent 2005)
- X-Massive (independent 2008)
- Random Noise (live independent 2009)
- What is Xmas All About (independent 2009)
- System Failure (single realese on itunes 2009)
- Matamoros Sounds Spectacular (independent 2010)

-RADAR (2013)

Set List

- Massive

- Impro-Orbital
- Solar Storm

- I Am The Morning Star 

- Umbilical Chord
- Modular

- Devil's Rush
- Victim X

set is about 30 to 60 minutes