Phoenix, Arizona, USA
BandHip Hop

When TecNice performs live, the audience always has a great evening. His energetic performance combined with a mix of soulful and electrifying music makes for an exciting experience for all in attendance. Nice' encourages the heart and enriches the soul all while entertaining the mind through song.


In a world saturated with start up, fly by night artists striving for fame and fortune, Tec_Nice’ (born Domonice’ Thompson) remains among the few who still focus on the passion and art of creating great material .

With a colorful background of over a decade in songwriting, recording, engineering, and performing, Nice’ is more than an artist but truly a student of music.

He holds national recognition, opening for Major Recording Artist to the likes of Fred Hammond, G-Unit, Disciple, and John Reuben.

With a scholarly approach to the industry Nice’ is a Graduate from The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences located in Tempe, Arizona. Completing the program with a 3.6 GPA, here he developed his technical skills, comprehension, and know how as an audio engineer. Thus obtaining a professional knowledge base into the music entertainment industry.

Soulful, passionate and strong, Nice’s lyrics touch on everything from his upbringing in Ohio to his personal walk as a young Christian man faced with a world of opposition, to his hopeless romantic stories about love and relationships.

Nice’ is very passionate about the creative arts as well as entrepreneurial endeavors. He is founder and co- producer of SoulMind Productions, creating music and media entertainment with substance and soul.


NumB mixtape coming in 2012

"Prestigious" - 2011 iTunes single release

"Memory Lane" - 2011 online single

"Battle Cry" f/ CeriOus- 2008 Columbus Destroyers team song

"Say Yes" - 2008 Men at Work compilation cd

Many more releases courtesy of soulmindmedia.com
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Set List

Cloud 9
memory lane
all will change
-crowd call & response songs-
outro song