Tecumseh Flyers

Tecumseh Flyers


The Tecumseh Flyers are a hot, new trio that really covers the gamut of American roots music styles, from old folk music to upbeat rockabilly. This is fortified by an energetic and often whimsical stage show that keeps audiences smiling and dancing.


Coming out of Indianapolis, the Tecumseh Flyers are a new acoustic band with a sound that they, themselves, have a tough time describing.
“A lot of music critics are calling the style of music we play alternative country,” said guitarist/vocalist Jason Hathaway. “It’s the music that’s an alternative to that soul-less country pop they’re pushing in Nashville these days. It’s kind of a broad style, though … It’s hard to get too specific with that kind of labeling.”
“I think of it as roots music updated for today,” added mandolinist/vocalist Steve Guichelaar. “It uses a lot of the same feeling as American roots music.”
You can call it what you like, but 9 out of 10 audience members will likely agree that the music of the Tecumseh Flyers is nothing but fun to listen to. The Flyers give audiences a mix of old blues, folk, rockabilly and country tunes along with their own originals and great songs from some of today’s hottest alt. Country songwriters.
Aside from several old and new favorite numbers, audiences are encouraged to be prepared for anything. These guys have been known to break out anything from an uptempo cowboy ballad version of Skid Row’s “18 and Life” to “Sad Day on Sesame Street,” a hilarious Flyers original about Sesame Street going ghetto.
The Tecumseh Flyers formed in January 2001 in Terre Haute. Hathaway and Guichelaar had met at a friend’s party in 1999 and began talking music. They found out they were both into the same styles of music, and talked about the possibilities of starting a band.
Both young musicians had come into their love for roots music after trying to drown it out with hard rock music at an earlier age. At some point, a curiosity developed, where both young men began exploring the music of artists who inspired their musical heroes. Legends like Bill Monroe, Woody Guthrie, Jimmy Rogers, Robert Johnson and Johnny Cash provided great inspiration. However, that rock and roll influence will never die.
“There’s a whole bunch of influence from all of that old music, but I didn’t get into that until I was about 20 years old,” Guichelaar said. “I was listening to mainly rock and roll. As much as I’d like to play mostly old-time music, that rock and alternative music influence is still pretty strong.”
Add the clickety-clack doghouse bass of rockabilly rebel Jamie Walter and occasional appearances from veteran upright bass player Adam Moraga, guru of all coolness, to the mix and you’ve got an American Roots trio that’s hard to beat. The Tecumseh Flyers: Coming soon to a watering hole near you!


Fly A Little Higher With the Tecumseh Flyers (2003) LP (streaming audio available at www.tecumsehflyers.com)
Soap Opera City (2002) EP

Set List

Typical hour-long set:
Corn Liquor (arr. Hathaway)
Creole Baby (Hathaway)
France Blues (traditional)
Still In Love With You (Guichelaar)
15 Beers Ago (Guichelaar)
(Make like a) Mule Train (Hathaway)
Derby Car (Hathaway)
Going Downtown (Guichelaar)
Dijeridoo (Hathaway)
18 and Life (Sabo/Bolan)
$300 Cadillac (Walter)
Sunday Night Dominatrix (Hathaway)
Old (Guichelaar)
Bench Seat (Eaglesmith)
Good Enough (Eaglesmith)

Our covers generally fall in the vintage country, rockabilly and alt country genres, with Fred Eaglesmith being one of our favorite songwriters to cover. One of our favorite things to do, though, is take 1980s pop and metal tunes and play them in a tongue-in-cheek country style.