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"CD Review – "And the winner is... Teddi""

Produced by David Grindley of Soundbox Studios

Even though the songs on the album reveal a raw emotional and organic quality, complimented by arrangements and performances, here are 15 tracks of easy listening and very well constructed songs.

Each song on the album was written by Teddi except for “I Am Woman” by Helen Reddy and Ray Burton, “I Want To Break Free” by John Deacon (Queen) and “On My Way” which was written by Carmela Ysabel Antonio (SOCAN member, Canada).

There is a comfortable feel to Teddi’s work that was, it seems, created intentionally.
“How Long Is This Journey” is one of my favourites. The lyrics to the first verse captured my attention immediately:

I’m searching my heart for a reason to stay
But losing my mind seems a huge price to pay
From sunrise to sunset I work through my list
Of the things I can do just to show I exist

The album does explore a couple of different types of tracks but never so varied that anything feels out of context within the album.

This album feels intensely personal but not so personal that the listener is unable to feel a connection within one song, or verse or even one line.

Great Album Teddi.
- By Roxanne Kiely - Songsalive, Sydney chapter

"NWE meets new artist from Oz"

She is definitely an Unstoppable Visionary who has
found her voice and inspired others to do the same!
- Nicholis Washburn, Encourageanaire - www.encourageanaire.com


First CD Album - "And The Winner Is... Teddi" independently released in Sydney, Australia in November 2004. The album contains nine original songs by Teddi, and one by Carmela Antonio of Canada. Streams of the songs are also available on www.cdbaby.com/Teddi.

You Are the Universe (also included in Songsalive! CD Sampler 7, visit www.songsalive.org). - A song about dreaming a dream, having the courage to be yourself and taking action to make your dream a reality.

Only What You Think (Music video also released in November 2004, featured on the TV show "Rage" in Sydney, Australia in December 2004). - An uplifting song about taking control of your life.

If Only

Inside My Mind

A Lesson For Me - The song that started it all... inspired by the loss of an unborn child, this song lends a voice to other women who may have endured their loss in silence.

I Am Free - Teddi's very own "Declaration of Independence"

A Song for Jordy - inspired by Teddi's youngest son, it is a song for anyone who has ever loved a child.

Say Goodbye

How Long Is This Journey

On My Way - written by singer/songwriter Carmela Antonio of Canada, released with permission.



Teddi is an artist unafraid of baring her soul while warmly sharing with her audience the emotional trials and battles common to us all. Her relaxing and catchy tunes on one hand commiserate with empathy, and on another, uplift her audience in a call to triumph over adversity.

Teddi finds songwriting wonderfully therapeutic and her lyrics offer a hand of encouragement and understanding while inviting listeners to sit back and reflect on life's twists and turns, over a vodka tonic or a glass of fine wine.

Teddi's commitment to self-empowerment and to living life with passion is evident in her songs which are reflective, inviting, uplifting and playful at the same time. Through her songs Teddi takes the listener to a new level of personal empowerment. She aims to inspire people as she brings her own brand of real magic to her music. Her easily accessible songs seamlessly blend a variety of styles from folk to pop, country to blues, and even a touch of jazz. Think Joni Mitchell x Kylie Minogue x Madonna. Yet this sensitive singer/songwriter is definitely her own person. You only have to listen to her songs to experience the uniqueness of Teddi.