Teddy Bear and the Cubs

Teddy Bear and the Cubs

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Teddy Bear and the Cubs is an alternative/Christian/ambient rock group from Bedford, TX. Their music is as large as their name. Their symphonic rock sound bridges gaps between heavy rock and soft rock.


The band began when Adam, James, and Scott were looking for a front man to join them at their contemporary service. They were lucky enough to stumble upon Ted Trimble. There was an immediate connection between the four. One song idea led to another and before they realized it, they had enough songs for a show. After spending several months looking for a bass player, they discovered Mark. He was added to the lineup shortly after.

The band's sound is uniquely marked with airy vocals and bold music. Each member brings their own eclectic style to create a style of music that is hard to classify. It is best described as an organized wall of sound. Each part blended perfectly with the part next to it.


E.P. Party Mix 2009

Set List

Do You Feel
The Ender