Teddy Blanks

Teddy Blanks

 New York City, New York, USA

Teddy Blanks is the former lead singer of synth-pop duo the Gaskets. His debut solo EP, "Complications", features six upbeat pop songs about strange diseases and medical trauma. He is an energetic and dynamic performer, whose only on-stage accompaniment is a 28-inch television.


For seven years, Teddy Blanks was the lead singer of the popular Richmond, Virginia-based synth-pop duo the Gaskets, an act known for its frantic live performances and crossover appeal. While in the Gaskets, Blanks shared bills with a shockingly diverse group of artists, including Girl Talk, Camper Van Beethoven, R&B singer Monica, Daniel Johnston, Violent Femmes, Mudhoney, and Weird Al.

After the Gaskets called it quits, Blanks began working on a new group of songs inspired by the work of medical essayist and New Yorker staff writer Atul Gawande. What resulted was a six-song EP about strange diseases and medical trauma, named (with permission from the author) after Gawande's book, "Complications," and released on the iTunes store in July 2009.

Blanks's stage show is a minimalist mash-up of live performance and video art. The set-up: one vocal mic and a 28-inch television sitting atop a barstool. The TV is a member of the band, as it blasts Blanks's backing tracks and shuffles through strange and hypnotizing video, edited to the music from various found footage. (One particularly memorable moment: during the single "Somewhat Hasty," the entirety of Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut" is played in fast-forward, in perfect synch with the song.) Meanwhile, Blanks struts and prances around the stage, cajoling the audience to sing along and join him in his spastic, infectious dancing.


May 2009 : "Somewhat Hasty" Single
July 2009 : "Complications" EP

Set List

Average Set Time:
35-50 minutes

Original Songs:
Isn't It Weird
Crimson Tide
Your Movement
Faint & Shaky
Hold Your Head
The Largest Chain
Somewhat Hasty
The Itch
Move Your Body

Occasional Covers:
Don't Change (INXS)
Headache (Frank Black)
Rock With You (Michael Jackson)
Under Pressure (Queen/David Bowie)
You Have Killed Me (Morrissey)