Smoke & Fire Band

Smoke & Fire Band


Smoke & Fire is just what they do whenever they perform. This is a group of veteran musician/producer & song writers that bring a soulful, rich sound that always get it's audience in the mood to groove and dance.


He has been told that just like Jimi Hendrix, B.B. King, Santana,Stevie Ray, Ernie Isley and many other greats guitarist have there own signature sound so does "Teddy" Johnny Studstill AKA "Teddy" has a deep root in music. As a child he would attended The Church of God In Christ were his mother and sister both sang in the church choir. He would also dance while strumming the broom and listen to many of his older sister "45" records where the influence grew wider. Teddy has played on countless recording. Produced a song that was a local "Hit" and that song was played in 23 different counties.


Chocolate Stuff, Evolution Records,1979 Lang Cook & XYZ Affair
(guitarist & arranger)

Believe In Me, Bossman Records, 1982 Harris Mazyck

Dragon Lady, Men from No Were 1983

Hot Tracks, Mens from No Were 1983

Open up your heart, Harris Mazyck,1985, AJ records
(Writer,producer,arranger,programer & Bass guitarist.

Just The Two of Us,RPM, Hot Productions Inc., 1990, RPM

Beverly, StreetE Heat Records,1993 Jamaria,
(Writer,producer & programmer)

Thug Diseaz, Tiki, Red Dot,2004

Sexy Mama,Fire Bush, Chin Rock,2004

Holy Ghost Power,Harris Mazyck, 2006 Mama Mo records
I Have a Father,Harris Mazyck, 2006 Mama Mo records