Teddy Jr.

Teddy Jr.


Teddy Jr. is a Dutch singer-songwriter, mainly active in Poland where he played support for Peter Gabriel and toured widely throughout the country.

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Teddy Jr. and his band are one of the most electrifying, active and accomplished bands in Poland. When they played to 30,000 people at Krakow's main Market Square this past New Year's Eve, it was the culmination of a highly productive twelve months: a year which saw them record their third EP, reach the semi-final of Poland's most-watched talent show; and open for Peter Gabriel at Oswiecim's prestigious Life Festival.
Their raucous style of folk-grunge has seen them become a prominent fixture within Poland's emerging music scene. Teddy's lion's roar vocals and thrusting rhythm guitar are offset by the acoustic guidance of cellist Andy Baily, with various guest artists adding to their sound along the way. Legendary Polish rock-icon Kora commented: 'it is refreshing, you can feel the British spirit and this is something we are missing here in Poland.'
Drawing on influences from Eels to Daniel Johnston, Teddy Jr's songs are 'stories about my life, my loves and my frustrations with the world around me.' The contemplative, thoughtful, sometimes dark, lyrics are juxtaposed with euphoric rhythms and bright, flowing melodies. After a two-year stint playing and travelling throughout Western Europe, in 2011 the Rotterdam-born frontman Teddy Jr finally settled down in Poland's cultural heartland, Krakow, and formed the band. Since then, they have been cotinuously playing throughout Poland, periodically returning to their Krakowian base to the delight of local fans.
Teddy Jr. – vocal/guitar/harmomica
Andy Baily – Cello
Wojtek - Bass
Pawel Cieplak – Accordion


Apathetic Society

Written By: Teddy Jr.



- 2009 Rockstone and Roll
- 2011 Teddy Jr.
- 2012 Teddy Jr. Rain on Me

Set List

1. Apathetic Society
2. My Heart's in the Lowlands
3. Sitting on the Past
4. What has happened to me?
5. Rain on me
6. it's alright (screams)
7. Digging my grave
8. Dissatisfied 21st Century Boy
9. Worthless Bum
10 Fading Dreams
11. Simply Just don't get it
12. Tomorrow Knows
13. Insomnia
14. You Know I want you.
15. Rumunka