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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Duo Electronic Alternative




"Teddy Romance Making Monsters And Music With Toy-Box And Theatrical Musings To Boot"

New York, NY (Top40 Charts/ Teddy Romance Music) Alternative rock and pop meets electronic meets theatrical performance - it's the best way to describe the music and stage shows of Canadian duo Teddy Romance. Following the release of their debut album, Making Monsters (2013), they have since released a video for their single "Summer Magic," and are working to create a new live act, write a new album, make more music videos and begin touring in the next year.

Formed in 2011, Teddy Romance took not only a wide variety of genres into consideration for their music, including alternative, punk, pop, electronic and sub-genres like IDM and witch house, but they also carefully incorporated the accessories and live performance that would go along with that music. This dedication sets them apart from most other bands not only in their respective genres but in the industry as a whole.

Making Monsters runs the gamut in terms of musical offerings from this pair of creative minds. The title track, "Making Monsters" is a slower, darker piece in terms of both electronic music and lyrics, while "Summer Magic" has a brighter, bouncier vibe. The "Intro" and "Teddy Romance" are more spoken word-like tunes that feature well-crafted and beautiful poetry.

Their video release for "Summer Magic," off both the Teddy Romance EP and Making Monsters, features lightning fast shots of master performer Mandy Mouse and her partner in crime, Shaun Howells, creating all the music behind the scenes. The song is full of energy with the drive of a punk song along with pop sensibilities and an underlying foundation in electronic music, so the kinetic energy of both the music and the frenetic performance clips meld together to create an impressive video effort.

Teddy Romance takes a playful approach to their music and live presentation. Their studio doubles as both a music hub and a toyshop, which is an integral part of their stage show. They released their toy and accessory line in November 2012 leading up to their debut, self-produced album Making Monsters release in March 2013.

For their latest album, Teddy Romance handled every single aspect of the album and live show themselves. All done in their studio in Gastown, Vancouver, Canada, the duo did all of the songwriting, arranging, producing, engineering, set designs, costumes, album cover design and art, band merchandise, live show development and scripting.

When most bands say "merchandise," they generally mean a few printed T-shirts and stickers. But for Teddy Romance, their merchandise is just another opportunity to wow and draw in their audience to their unique and highly technical music-making enterprise. Their merchandise includes everything from clothing and accessories to handmade toys (check out the teddy bear on the cover of Making Monsters for an idea).

Teddy Romance are currently putting together the right team to help them achieve still more with their creative and artistic talents. They're currently developing a new live show, which includes elaborate costuming, performance art and live visual effects. They are also looking to finish in the next three to six months, in which time they will also be working on booking a tour.

They'll also be filming DIY music videos for all of the singles on Making Monsters, starting in November. Then in January, they plan to create new accessories for their TR line while also starting to write a new album's worth of music and stage show ideas. They intend to be ready to blow away audiences with their next big round of performances in summer 2014.

For their upcoming shows, Teddy Romance will be playing private parties for both Halloween and New Year's, the latter actually called "A Teddy New Year's." They'll also be performing at the Carrington Bay Festival in 2014.Their music is currently only available as a digital download through bandcamp. - Top 40 Charts

"Teddy Romance, Making Monsters"

Formed in 2011, Teddy Romance is a Vancouver-based duo that channels the alt, punk and electronic genres through a theatrical prism. This channeling has resulted in Making Monsters — an album that, at eight tracks, weighs in somewhere between the EP and full-length divisions. The whole shebang is written, performed, and mixed by Teddy Romance.

The album cover is as disturbing as the title.

The “Intro” is spoken-word and spooky.

“Breakfast of Champions” brings the spook as well, but there’s something else kinda playful here. There’s also this groovy recurring guitar riff.

“Making Monsters,” the title track, brings this haunting energy. The very beginning has this industrial sound, kinda reminiscent of one of Mr. Reznor’s creations.

“Summer Magic” has a verve befitting of its title. Am quite smitten by this heavy, buzzing synth riff, which adds some punch. The lyrics are vivid and fantastical: “The stars are turning over in the sky / I don’t know if I should run and hide / Purple people with a single eye / Hunting for a victim in the night.” Additionally, there is a music video for this track:


Dang, if every teddy bear had a body like this, my room would still be full of ‘em.

“Between the Lines” has, in my view, the most pop sensibility of any track so far. Though darkness still lingers, there is something seductive about the vocals.

The track “Poison Ivy” has some vicious synth activity. It’s the kind of thing that could be played (repeatedly) at a serial killer’s funeral.

It’s the electronic percussion that forms the backbone of the track “Silence is Madness.” Am a fan of the vocal component beginning at 2:30.

The final track is more than a title track, as it consists of the band’s actual name. Is there such a term for this?

Be the pace slow or energized, Making Monsters wields a trenchant edge.

Rumor has it that Teddy Romance will showcase new material during a tour planned for later this year.

In the meantime, find out how monsters are made at: http://teddyromance.bandcamp.com/album/making-monsters - Skope Magazine

"Teddy Romance ‘Making Monsters’"

Teddy Romance emerged in 2011 backed by some of the most imaginative alternative punk rockers in the business. Their sound is eclectic, electrifying and very animated bringing their ‘Alice in Wonderland’ musical magic to the sound stage for all to experience. Their visual, theatrical act adds such a necessary element to their productions due to their powerful, playful, theatrical performances. It’s a show of shows, creating a Cirque du Soleil of musical theater, of sorts.

Facebook: Facebook.com/TeddyRomance
Twitter: @TeddyRomance
Soundcloud: Soundcloud.com/Teddy-Romance
Website: www.TeddyRomance.com

Although they have released an EP prior to this extravaganza titled “Making Monsters”, this particular album truly lives up to all its hype. Released in March 2013, it took the airwaves like a typhoon ripping, leaving its mark wherever it went. It was said that their music stirred up the lives of many; those who were sad were no longer; those with worries released their fears and anxieties. It was a release to mark the ages. This is Teddy Romance, true to their rock/pop roots pledging allegiance to their eclectic and electronic back beats.

One particular single from this album, “Poison Ivy” truly gives audiences a super clear indication of the crazed, genius writing style of this incredible duo. This single is about a poison that was brewed for the listener. All feelings and ideas are all potions that stew/brew inside of you and if you are not careful, it will take control of you. This particular theme is beautifully delivered through its insane arrangements that grip you from the first note. You become mesmerized as it takes over every brain cell and devours it completely.

“Making Monsters” is a battle between good and evil and finding the balance through the understanding that goes with it. Living with both extremes is a difficult task but the most clever and insane can create the poetry that lies within. This album is futuristic with fantastical themes based on ordinary everyday occurrences. They take what inspires them and spins it all into some of the most creative music on the airwaves to date. - MuzicNotez Magazine


MAKING MONSTERS ACT II ALBUM (Available worldwide; iTunes, Spotify, Google Play...)
1. "Time of Nine pt.1"
2. "Forest of Stone" 
3. "Burning Crowns"
4. "Static in the Stars"
5. "Take the Lead"
6. "Graveyard"
7. "Mischief"
8. "Cold Machine" 9. "Time of Nine pt.2"
All songs written, arranged and produced by Teddy Romance 
Recorded and mixed at Teddy Romance Studios 
Mastered at Suite Sound Labs 
Album art by Teddy Romance

COLD MACHINE SINGLE (Available worldwide; iTunes, Spotify, Google Play...)
1. "Cold Machine"
All songs written, arranged and produced by Teddy Romance 
Recorded and mixed at Teddy Romance Studios 
Mastered at Suite Sound Labs 
Album art by Teddy Romance

BURNING CROWNS SINGLE (Available worldwide; iTunes, Spotify, Google Play...)
1. "Burning Crowns"
All songs written, arranged and produced by Teddy Romance 
Recorded and mixed at Teddy Romance Studios 
Mastered at Suite Sound Labs 
Album art by Teddy Romance

MAKING MONSTERS ALBUM (Available worldwide; iTunes, Spotify, Google Play...)
1. "Intro"
2. "Breakfast of Champions"
3. "Making Monsters"
4. "Summer Magic"
5. "Between the Lines"
6. "Poison Ivy"
7. "Silence is Madness"
8. "Teddy Romance"
All songs written, arranged and produced by Teddy Romance
Recorded and mixed at Teddy Romance Studios
Mastered at Suite Sound Labs
Album art by Teddy Romance
Photography by Wayne Hoecherl and Teddy Romance

TEDDY ROMANCE EP (Available on Bandcamp)
Debut Self-Titled EP/Demo
1. "Creatures"
2. "Summer Magic"
3. "Teddy Love"
4. "Teddy Romance" (Bonus hidden song)
All songs written, arranged and produced by Teddy Romance
Album art by Teddy Romance
Photography by Nina Pak
Recorded and Mixed at Teddy Romance Studios



Born in a dark dungeon palace like rehearsal space in Gastown, Vancouver, BC. Made up of two crazy roommates who wanted to create something different; an eclectic, electrifying sound animated by a living doll named Mandy Mouse and her mad-genius maker, drHOWELLS. 

Their music is an imaginative mix of Electronic, Alternative and Pop; including sub-genres such as Witchop and Dark Wave presented in a theatrical story. To date they have released three music videos and two full length albums; unsigned and all self-produced.

Check out their new single “WITCHOPERA” available now worldwide!


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