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Teddy's Cheer Club


hot guitar on guitar action. Upcoming full length album slated for release Spring '09!


Teddy’s Cheer Club formed in 2004 in Culver City, California by songwriters Audrey Capotosta (vox/guitar) and Mike Benecke (vox/guitar), with Rob Hume (bass) and Erin Highberg (drums).

Their first self-released 5-song EP became available in January 2005 and quickly sold out its first pressing. Songs from “ep1” have been featured prominently on music websites and blogs, and in the 2006 independent film “The Mostly Unfabulous Life of Ethan Green.” Recently, their song "Let It Go" climbed to #2 on the ARTISTdirect.com indie rock downloads chart, and in 2005 "Signal" was selected as a featured track alongside The Mars Volta and Jimmy Eat World. Summer 2006 saw the release of a follow up, “ep2”, an increasingly complex and unified work produced and recorded at Music Friends Studio (Midnight Movies, GoGoGo Airheart, Mark Trombino) and mastered at Capitol Records.

Radio airplay on stations Indie 103.1, 106.7 KROQ, the RADAR REPORT on XM, and KXLU in Los Angeles, and energetic performances at Spaceland, Silverlake Lounge, the Eagle Rock Music Festival and sundry important LA and OC venues have built a loyal following for Teddy's Cheer Club's inventively melodic hooks and dreamy subtleties.

TCC continues to write new material and perform around Southern California.



Written By: audrey capostosta

pull me in your braid tonight
i want slow
i want so slow if not tomorrow
pull me in your braid tonight
i want it slow
hold me in my grave tonight
i want it low
i want it so low with miles above me
hold me in my braid tonight
i want it

you've got no where to go to in your part of the city
you might as well be the ghost of your apartment building

all my seams so stretched tonight
i want to know
what makes it closer and makes it further than miles before

hold me in my grave tonight
i want it

follow the sun

Written By: mike benecke

i'll be strong so you don't ever have to
you do whatever you want when you want to
i'll follow the sun
dying stars fall too fast to be caught with broken arms

soon we'll wake up
soon you will be gone


'ep2' -
3-Follow The Sun

'ep1' -
1-Let It Go
4-My New Clothes
5-Cigarettes & Alcohol

Set List

30-45 minute original set including selections from our 2 EP releases and new material.