Ted Eddison

Ted Eddison


"Check out Ted Eddison. They remind me of Rush, King Crimson, and the Police all eating at a chinese resturant together." - Zee owner/talentbuyer - The Electric Co. - Utica NY


"....Ted Eddison does a brilliant job of combining disparate influences and ejecting them as original concepts, while maintaining structural and sonic connections to musical masters Pink Floyd and Rush."
- Julie Pinsonneault
- Music Editor - The Syracuse New Times

A trio whose power and vision unite to provide a uniquely rewarding and challenging musical experience, Ted Eddison has intrigued fans since its inception. Ted's music blends characteristics of progressive, alternative rock and electronica, free-form psychedelia, and every once in a while will grab you with a disarming pop hook. Some fans have made comparisons to the vocal styles of Sting and Ozzy Ozzbourne, and the music of Yes, King Crimson, and Pink Floyd.
Although elements of the band were writing, playing, and performing since 1996, the group found its structure and power early in 2004. The accomplished musicians-Timothy Wood, Coyote Thrust, and Joe Bell-have put together a sound which is refreshing, unique, and innovative.
Their debut album "This Whole Idea Anyway......." was recorded at the legendary Studio A at Bearsville Studios in Woodstock, New York in 2004. The session took place before they even made their first live appearance, coincidentally being the last artist to track in this historic room. Ted also had the opportunity to have this work mastered at the Grammy Award winning Classic Sound studios in Manhattan.
In the two years since, Ted Eddison has been perfecting their live set in the best clubs in the area, such as The Lost Horizon, The Mezzanotte Lounge (Syracuse N.Y.) The Bug Jar, Montage Live (Rochester N.Y.) The Continental, Mohawk Place (Buffalo N.Y.), The Haunt (Ithaca, NY), The Electric Co. (Utica, NY), Continental, Kenny's Castaways (NYC), the Trash Bar (Brooklyn), and The Maple Grove (Maple Heights, OH). Along the way, Ted has had opening slots for national acts such as Lake Trout and Between Home and Serenity.
Quickly distinguishing themselves from other bands of Central New York, Ted’s fan base grows stronger with every performance. Enhanced by the easy familiarity the musicians have with electronic technology, such as live samples and synthesizers, word has begun to spread of the incredible, intangible live show that Ted Eddison puts on.
In July of 2006 Ted entered the studio again, this time in the newly built Wood Media Studios in Queens, NY. Under the guidance and expertise of engineer/producer Don Wood, Ted laid down what is to be their sophomore effort -scheduled to be released by the end of 2006.
Ted Eddison will be touring consistently to support the SAMMY (Syracuse Area Music Award) nominated "This Whole Idea Anyway....." and their yet to be titled upcoming release, and to spread the word that music can be intelligent, thought provoking and last but not least accessible.

"I can't say enough good things about them. Extremely innovative. In fact, they just may have innovated themselves out of a gig in this town. There's no band in this region that can do what they do. Go to a Ted Eddison show!"
--Kevin Dean - Brand New Sin


"This Whole Idea Anyway....." (2005 Independent)

Set List

Typical sets are 45 minutes as support and 75 to 90 minutes as headliner

95 - 100% original songs

Covers include:
YYZ - Rush
Magic Fingers - Zappa & the Mothers of Invention
Downtown - Neil Young
Strange Days - The Doors