Ted Leonard

Ted Leonard


Melodic Rock. The vocals are clear and dynamic, going from soft and sublte to big and powerful. As a vehicle for the vocals, the music mirrors this same dynamic range with a sophisticated sense of syncopation and melody. The songs "Submerged", and "Just for me" stand out as obvious singles.


I have been the lead singer of the progresive rock group ENCHANT(Inside/Out Music) since 1992. We have 7 studio albums and have been on numerous tours with the likes of Dream Theater, Marillion, and Spocks Beard. More recently I appear as the lead singer for the band THOUGHT CHAMBER on an Inside/Out Music release entitled "Angular Perceptions." However, all this time I have been wanting to make an album for God alone and inspired by my convictions.



Written By: Ted Leonard


back and forth up and down i feel my around
finding everything but you
my view of you has grown soft
got grace but somethings lost
it’s probably the truth

i’m candy coated salt and i’m a dimming light
my fuzzy logic is skewed confusing wrong with right

throw me a line i’m sinking down
submerging further, further from you
but i’m doing fine making my way
further and further, further from you

black or white hard to tell grey’s a much easier sell
and you give it away for free
so watered down homogenized that the truth becomes the lies
that you’re starting to believe

i’m candy coated salt, i find it bittersweet
the lack of comfort when not everybody agrees


shame on me, shame on me

i’m candy coated salt and i’m a dimming light
my fuzzy logic is skewed confusing wrong with right


way home

Written By: Ted Leonard

i’ve been looking in, not liking what i see
i’m so vane, i’m pretty sure this song is about me
dangerous it is this thing we call pride
feels pretty good but only serves to divide
am i gonna show them that they’re wrong, and show them that i’m wise
when i can’t see their slivers for the forest in my eyes
am i gonna clamor for a change and their need to atone
when maybe change should be trying to find it’s way home

of it? no, sometimes i’m not even in it
widows and orphans are just a way to begin it
loving them i’m not supposed to be shunning
crawling around, i’m supposed to be running

but am i gonna fly across the world to find a soul in need
when, as noble as that is i’ve got neighbors i mislead
am i gonna set myself aside and try to reflect your light
or do it all for show while my left hi-fives my right
it’s hard to judge and be penitent; it’s hard to throw stones from your knees
it’s hard to show any kind of light from the shadow of my own misdeeds
and when one fingers pointing out, three are pointing back
showing what i lack



Way Home (2007)

A Blueprint of the World (1995)
Wounded (1996)
Time Lost (1997)
Break (1998)
Juggling 9 Or Dropping 10 (2000)
Blink Of An Eye (2002)
Tug of War (2003)
Live at Last (2004)

Angular Perceptions (2006)

You can hear 4 songs in their entirety here:

Set List

Typical Set:

Thank You
Once a Week
Hold the Wind
Not Me
The Name of God
Who Do You Say He Is?
Just For Me
(all of the preceding can be found on my album "Way Home."

Sets can vary from 30 to 90 minutes depending on the situation. When doing a longer set I mix in some familiar worship songs such as:

Everlasting God: Brenton Brown
Blessed Be The Name: Matt Redman
Love the Lord: Lincoln Brewster