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Ted Marengos

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Rock and Roll band. Powerful, sharp and simple.


Ted Marengos was founded in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Started its activities in 2011. The band is formed by Julio Starace(guitar), Piti Knopfelmacker(lead guitar), Luiz Fonseca(bass) and Thomaz Ayres(drums). Their influences are based in the rock and roll, blues, folk, heavy rock and some progressive rock. The music is a combination of various styles and a diversity of tone colors. The band never gets stuck to only one sonority, and this is the most evident characteristic of Ted Marengos. The lyrics are inspired by their own experience while they are on the road with a straight forward aspect. The songs are simple and have to be experienced on the stage. Well known for their 'vast rock n blues repertoire' that goes from Robert Johnson and Elvis to Foo Fighters.


Somewhere Else

Written By: Julio Starace

Somewhere else

If you try to get up you can't
cause you live here

if you try to be smart you can't 
because everybody is smarter than you

so why dont you pack up your bags
and go to live somewhere else

somewhere else

i cant sleep
my head is aching

is filled up with pain
of many people's judgement

so why don't you pack up your bags 
and go to live somewhere else

somewhere else

a place of empty words and dirty games
isnt the best place for you to be
they steal your soul and dignity
someday you'll got to get away

This Girl

Written By: Julio Starace

This girl

this girl
she dont know who I am
but i just really dont care
i just wanna love her so bad

all the time
i see her passing by
she looks in my eyes and smile
and i just wanna love her so bad

this girl

friends they told me
beware you gonna fall in
love with her
but they dont know me
and i cant stop thinking about this girl

this girl
she is so pretty

this girl 
she is so pretty
i wanna love her so bad

Like Roses

Written By: Julio Starace

Like Roses

you smell like roses
you shine like gold
you really want me 
and that i know

you make me crazy
and you give me love
but sometimes i want you
to do the things that you have never done

we went to the party
with a lot of friends
you kissed me baby
and it wans't too bad

my feelings were frozen
and my heart was like glass
when you kissed me baby
i knew our love was going to last

well you know sometimes 
as lovers
it ain't easy to be true
but you know

i've always been in love with you

Rock And Roll To You

Written By: Julio Starace

Rock n roll to you

cause you are my baby
i'm on your side
i'll treat you good
you'll treat me right

shame on your country 
blame on your dad
he is out of traces
my way was sad

and i just wanna play my rock n roll to you

ecletic music
 is not my way
lets keep on rocking 
through night and day

the rage is growing
try to keep it down 
i see solutions 
have a look around

i just wanna play my rock n roll to you

uncle bobby dylan
john lennon's love
good  will of living
we all gotta be one

baby follow me 
no one pulling my strings
we got a long way to go

and i just wanna play my rock n roll to you


EP 'Come and Date Us' - Recorded at Ted Marengos home studio. Released in 2012, it has 4 tracks for streaming at soundcloud and 2 bonus tracks only found in Cd.

Album 'Firstprints' - Recorded and Mixed at Mixnova Studio, Sao Paulo. Mastered at Abbey Road studios and produced by Mauricio Cersosimo, Beto Iannicelli and Ted Marengos. Released in 2013 for streaming at bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes the album has 11 original songs and one version of CSNY's Ohio.

Set List

This Girl
Rock and Roll to You
Like Roses
Ted Marengo
Waiting for the Sun to Rise
Hey My Friend
Somewhere Else
Back Home Someday
Under The Waterfall
Rip it up/ Ready Teddy