Brooklyn, New York, USA
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I'm a Brooklyn-born rap artist who teaches and performs Shakespeare's Sonnets in Hip-Hop. I take original sonnets as written, and put my own hip-hop spin on it. Featured on NBC's The Today Show.
I write songs for the education company, Flocabulary, and have 2 LPs, "Workday", "G-Lovah Saga"


Teacher MC, T-Dome, is the rap artist every student has been waiting for. Known for his descriptive rap, T-Dome has been entertaining crowds since he developed a love for hip-hop in grade school.
While pursuing a degree to teach in college, T-Dome practiced his craft through several bands and hip-hop groups. In 2008, T-Dome released his first solo project, 'Workday EP', where the titled track described the troubles of chasing a music career while working a regular 9-5. In 2009, he followed up with the Valentines Day sitcom, G-Lovah Saga.'
His head-knocking narrative led to a collaboration with the education company, Flocabulary, teaching several subjects through hip-hop. T-Dome performs several songs, along with fell Flocab artists, which teaches specific subjects to students. He has presented Flocabulary to many schools as a workshop facilitator. Flocabulary's success has led to interviews on NBC News and FoxNews, as well as the Brooklyn MC connecting with broadway playwright Arje Shaw, to become The Sonnet Man.
The Sonnet Man sets Shakespeares love sonnets to Hip Hop and features brilliant rap artist Devon Glover. Conceived and produced by Broadway Playwright Arje Shaw, The Sonnet Man brings Shakespeare to young audiences in a genre they know and love. Through Hip Hop, Shakespeare will become exciting and fun, introducing young people to classical literature, raising literacy, improved communication, greater enthusiasm for learning, increase creativity, raise confidence, and will set a foundation for appreciation of the arts.
Whether in schools, theaters, parks, or just recording magic in the studio, T-Dome has the tunes for all ears. Be on the lookout for future T-Dome projects,mixtapes, and lectures.


2008 - Workday EP
2009 - Beats-n-Blunts (w/ Just 1)
2010 - G-Lovah Saga
2011 - Upper Echelon (single)
2012 - Attack Mode (single)
2012 - The Concoction (single)

Set List

Upper Echelon
10 Math Commandments
Confessions Of A Poor Man
Sonnet 18
Attack Mode