Teel Montague Cook

Teel Montague Cook


Engaging singer/songwriter/storyteller from Atlanta with a folk/acoustic/progressive sound.


Teel Montague Cook is a native of Atlanta and presently lives on a small farm just outside the city. This mother of two teenagers is a Georgia Tech grad and runs her own industrial design firm.

Teel has a passion for the inner city and for working with children that have severe emotional and behavior disorders. She finds that work to be a challenging way to incorporate her faith, activism, outspokenness, resources, and artistic abilities. Her other great passion, music, lead her to become more involved in trying to make a difference socially. Her songwriting as well as her design ideas reflect this social sensitivity.

Of herself and her music, Teel says, “My life experience and desire for honest expression direct my creation of melody, instrumentation, and lyric. I aspire to be as sincere and unaffected in my vocals and writing as possible, in order to convey an accessible message. Often I simply sit down with my guitar and play chords and notes that match whatever soul issue I am trying to process. The lyrics generally flow out of that.”

About the new album, Shameless Jane, Teel shares that the project (recorded in East Atlanta Village at Earthshaking Studios) was inspired by a recent discovery of what defines unconditional love and how true loving relationships can be realized. “Although I may appear to be starting late in life recording and performing songs I have been writing since I was a teenager, I believe that I am actually right on time. My hope is that one of my songs connects, touching and moving you, and inspiring you in some way.”

We feel the timing and the connection of Shameless Jane are both divinely in tune.

~ Ambassador Creative Expressions


Bean Dip Bomb

Written By: Teel Montague Cook

I woke up, I turned on the T.V. and I fell back in bed…
I was sleeping to the early news, so I missed a lot of what was said.
I figured somebody died, someone was born and someone was out in space…
They were working on a bean dip bomb that would put us all in our place.
I started thinking about the end of the world, and how much I love you;
Wondering about my hair falling out, and if you’re in the mood.
I had a long conversation with my garbage man…
He said he don’t pick up no empty boxes, lest I cram ‘em in the can.
He said he don’t do nothing extra he don’t get paid to do;
So, I figured that’s just the way it is, and I went off to find you.
You took me to get some barbecue.
We didn’t have time, so we drove through…
Just talking about what they put in our food, and if you’re in the mood.
I pressed my shirt; I went to work, with a smile wrapped around my head.
I was running late ‘cause of our big date, and us just “shootin’ the shed.”
They were not impressed, as you might have guessed, with the reasons that I gave;
So I took to telling the truth about how I’d spent my day…
Just thinking about the end of the world, and how much I love you,
Wondering about my hair falling out, and if you’re in the mood.
I got home; I turned on the T.V. and stretched out on the couch…
I caught most of what they said, though I was drifting in and out;
They said, somebody died, someone was born, and someone was out in space…
They were working on a bean dip bomb that would put us all in our place.
So I dreamt about the end of the world, and how much I love you…
And I wondered about my hair falling out, and if you’re in the mood.

Bleeding To Death

Written By: Teel Montague Cook

You made my heart ache, you know you did.
You touched my heart where it had never been mended.
And now it’s open like a tender wound,
And I pray to God that He will bind it up soon,
Because I’m bleeding to death,
Bleeding to death, don’t you see?
I’m bleeding to death, and it’s all over me.
I’m bleeding to death, and the pressure’s on.
And I’m still standing, but maybe I’m gone
You woke the part of my heart that was numb,
And I can deal with it, but I feel pretty dumb,
‘Cause I’m all awake, but I have nowhere to go;
My heart beats faster but my head’s moving slow,
I hope that one day you’ll know what you mean to me,
‘Cause in my eyes you’re perfect…
You are perfect.

Who Loves Peter Pan

Written By: Teel Montague Cook

Peter can’t spell, but he knows how to fly.
And he knows Wendy well so he never asks why
She wants him to teach her, but she just won’t understand,
That it’s easy to fly
But he needs help to land…so
Fly Peter, rise, high over this town.
When will you land on solid ground?
Peter suspects that it hurts to be a man
‘Cause, if he finds love, his heart will be laid bare.
And a boy’s heart is tender, more than a girl could know…
And if it gets wounded, he may forget how to crow…so
Crow, Peter Pan… strong and loud…
Crow, Peter Pan…crow so proud…
Crow, Peter Pan…crow with joy…
Crow, Peter Pan…you’re for ever a boy.
Wendy knows Peter cries in his sleep
And she’ll hold him and rock him,
But she doesn’t know how to weep.
She’s just a girl… she could never be his mother.
She’s just a girl… she doesn’t know how to be his lover.
And since she’s a girl, she can only pretend
to be strong enough to love Peter Pan.
So, who’s brave enough to love this man?
Who’s soft enough to be a safe place to land?
So who can help Peter Pan?
Who knows how to love him?
Who’s strong enough, and weak enough,
To be below, beside and above him?
Who loves well enough to provide the breast
Where he can lay his head to finally get his rest?
Peter suspects that he’d have dues to pay…
With no more adventures, he’d have to work all day.
We must never see him caught inside this trap
So we can still believe that he always will come back.
So… fly Peter, rise, high over this town
We’re waiting here on your solid ground.
Who is free enough to delight in his crow?
Who knows well enough how to lose a shadow?


Shameless Jane (2008)

Set List

1. Bean Dip Bomb
2. Soothe My Soul
3. Bleeding To Death
4. I'm Not Falling Down
5. And I knew
6. Nobody Deserves It or Very Special Christmas
7. I Don't Know Where You Are
8. Zuzu
9. Who Loves Peter Pan
10. If You Only Knew
11. One Day We're Gonna Meet Johnny Cash
12. Caroline
13. Wind Blow, Wind West
14. The Sound

Sets are usually 45 min. to 1.5 hrs. depending on venue and event. At small coffeehouses, where we may play for 2-3 hours, we break it up into 2 or 3 sets.