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The best kept secret in music


"tee-m Says Aao, Aao, Aao"

Blending Brit-based harmonies with Pakistani influences, tee-m's four song sampler, You Go On, is a melodic collection of songs from a truly original artist. "Aao,Aao,Aao" means "Come,Come,Come" in his native language, Urdu. Check him out around town.
--Dan Kimpel - Music Connection, Los Angeles, CA

"tee-m - you go on"

JUST WHEN YOU THINK YOU'VE HEARD IT ALL, tee-m turns up to prove that there really is such a thing as a new voice in pop music. Tariq Mirza is, above all else, unique. He grew up in Pakistan listening to the late-night street musicians outside, fell in love with the Beatles, and somehow ended up seamlessly transplanting his heritage into L.A.'s music scene.
--Erica Prince - West Coast Performer, San Francisco, CA

"A man armed with a dream and an acoustic guitar"

Would you ever think there'd be a pop balladeer hailing from Pakistan? Well, in a musical globe where anything is possible comes tee-m, a man armed with a dream, an acoustic guitar, and four tracks of pop-rock. tee-m mixes rich harmonies with compelling songwriting much like the Fab Four did. In a world where a lot of the folksy stuff is very whiny and interpersonal, tee-m turns his folk rock into tunes of hope, love, peace, and harmony in a way that's a hell of a lot more honest and forthright than anything Jewel has ever done.
--Mike SOS   - Skratch Magazine, Tustin, CA

"tee-m: Terrific artistry and compelling songs"

This Pakistani artist is very talented and presents something you don't often see -- terrific artistry and compelling songs. A large part of it has to do with tee-m's gentle charisma, which makes him seem like a close friend. His ever present smile and inspiring songs make his shows a feel-good affair. Indeed, if you ever need a little light in your life, catch tee-m -- and you'll smile too.
--Bernard Baur - Music Connection

"A dose of the tee-m magic"

After having performed twenty-one songs, tee-m still had to play three encores to end the show.
The whole evening was an experience that everyone enjoyed. It was one of the most original performances one has seen in the city, and after getting a dose of the tee-m magic we certainly want more.
--Shahbaz Khan - Town Toppers, Star, Karachi, Pakistan

"Fresh and inventive"

tee-m is an alt rock singer/songwriter with influences from John Lennon to Billy Bragg. Born in Pakistan, the lead track Aao, Aao, Aao takes a jam band slant on his cultural influences, Hallucination is aptly psychedelic in a really cool way. Watch Your Step has a sort of folksy intensity provided by tee-m's emotive but unique vocal work. Fresh and inventive in a laid back way.
--Mark E. Waterbury - Music Morsels, Marietta, GA

"tee-m: Exceptional songs and vocals with heart and humor"

tee-m's bright and buoyant pop confections have the kind of radio-ready melodies everyone loves but few can write. The sound is timeless, both contempory, classic and rockin' despite the presence of only two instruments and voices. But that seems to be all tee-m needs, and they proved it time and time again. The fourth song in their set, "Hallucination" a sweet, droll, sexy, slow-rolling number is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.
Mirza and Reyes rock harder acoustically than most bands do electrically and they do it with heart and humor. Their sonic touchstones (the Beatles, Cornershop and Squeeze) are met and matched with integrity and style. Mirza's soaring, melodic voice and crystal stringsmanship and Reyes' sharp harmonies and solid upright bass poured juice into each song.
--Chad Goodell - Music Connection

"you go on"

The standout far and away, is the title track "You Go On." Tariq's accent adds a beautiful layer to this lilting tune, sweet as a lullaby in contrast to the jarring quality of "Aao, Aao, Aao." A simple melody, earnest vocals, quietly driving guitar and a familiar beat that comes in at just the right moment all combine to offer just what the lyrics promise - "and take with you a song to sing along."
--Erica Prince - West Coast Performer


4 song sampler "you go on".
Single "Man Without a Country" 2 versions.
"acoustic demonstration" 4 song EP.
"Don't Bother Me" Single Tribute to George Harrison.
"Spunk" Single 2 versions.


Feeling a bit camera shy


TEE-M (Tariq Mirza) grew up in Karachi, Pakistan hearing rock on the short-wave radio, listening to street musicians playing the tunes of the land and learning to strum on a hand-me-down guitar.

TEE-M was recently selected for a showcase at the Atlantis Music Conference in Atlanta and for the Pakistan Association of Greater Boston.
In Southern California tee-m lit the Flame of Peace Candle and performed at John Lennon's birthday remembrance in front of Capitol Records, toured for Starbucks and is now featured in a short film, The Ultimate Song. The film, which the New York Times describes as "a real winner", also includes Springsteen, Jackson Browne, Tom Morello, Ice T,
Steve Earle, Wayne Kramer (MC5) and others. It has been shown all across the US including the Farm Aid. tee-m also performed at the Pasadena Art Fair and Call to Arts Expo, where his song Aao,Aao,Aao was given the Creative Vision Award in the Aesthetics & Harmony category.
tee-m's four song sampler "you go on" has been featured on KLOS, KXLU, KPFK, Radio X and WPMD "Rock 50" out of Cerritos College, where he was interviewed by Mike Stark the author of, For The Record: Black Sabbath, An Oral History.
tee-m's new single "Man Without A Country" is a song written and recorded in 1995 about a passenger (Alfred) who had been stuck at Charles de Gaulle airport (Paris) for 6 years, and who after 15 years is still stuck there. In 2004 Hollywood finally got hip to Alfred's trip, Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks made a film inspired by Alfred's story, called Terminal.
Music Connection Magazine has picked tee-m as one of the 100 Hottest Unsigned Artists for the last 5 years in a row, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003. 2004
tee-m along w/Al on upright bass have added a drummer to the mix and is currently working on his first full length album,
tee-m was recently selected as one of the 14 finalists for his song "Hallucination" in the SoundmMoves to Stardom-an Unsigned Contest...one of the judges was Lamont Dozier of Holland/Dozier/Holland fame.who penned the hits "Stop In the Name Of Love", "You Can't Hurry Love" and others.
tee-m has a new "UNsigned Music Show" on WPMD's "Rock 50" w/ Mike Stark, Net-Live goin' worldwide out of Cerritos College, Norwalk, CA.
Next radio show, Live on Sat. June. 25th '05 11am-1pm(pst) http://wpmd.org Show replays 3 times daily 7am, 3pm and 11pm http://wpmd.org/unsigned
For submission info, click on my site below...