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Teenage Love

Copenhagen, Denmark | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Copenhagen, Denmark | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Duo Pop Electronic




"Teenage Love's Gear And Creative Process"

You shouldn’t let go of an ideal band mate: Katy Gunn and Anna Lidell found each other, and not even an ocean in between is slowing down their collaboration, that goes under the name of Teenage Love: the Brooklyn/Copenhagen based duo’s beautifully textural‘Gold’ EP is out today (July 7th, 2015), and, besides bright musical talent, it showcases a playful approach to gear and musical technology, which is surely also crucial in keeping this long distance relationship alive. We asked Katy and Anna a few questions about their gear and creative process. - Deli Mag NYC

"Teenage Love: 'GOLD'"

One’s teenage years incorporate innocence, inexperience, excitement, and confusion. They incorporate other things, too, of course, but of all the emotions experienced at that age, the ones there are perhaps the most conducive to being channeled into artistic forms such as music and writing. Many have taken the liberty of expressing such feelings in such ways, of course, and new pop duo Teenage Love all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark, are the latest on our watch to do just that.

When you listen to a track like their “GOLD” (our favourite of what they’ve released thus far), there’s a definitive sense of all the aforementioned emotions being conveyed. The electronic-led production on the piece is ambitious, playful, unfamiliar, and sporadic, and with the two lead vocalists playing occasionally off of each other in harmony, there’s a sense of fun surmised that simply can’t be duplicated with any other act out right now. It’s a bold claim, we know, but we’re definitely expecting “GOLD” and all spirited efforts within it to really kick-start the pair’s career.

Check out the beautiful work of the two’s below, and hear more of their music if you wish by traveling to their SoundCloud page. - HillyDilly.com

"Premier: Classical Meets Electronic in Teenage Love's New EP 'GOLD'"

June 30th, 2015

I think I’m falling in love with Teenage Love on their new EP, GOLD. The five-track record, which is their first EP since forming in 2014, ranges from witty and bold to soulful and deep. GOLDblends the beats and rhythms of tUnE-yArDs, electronic, soulful violin stylings akin to Clean Bandit, and lyrics and melodies reminiscent of Kate Nash (see “Lazer Eyes” verse: “I know that you think that you’re the head of the army— I am the captain, the general, the king” ). All together, Teenage Love have concocted a sound that gives a nod to these inspiration, but nevertheless, remains so dynamic, fun, and original. Despite the ultra catchy tunes, the duo never fail to go deeper in lyric and message. If there’s one thing you should take from GOLD, remember—”life is short, make a mess. - The Wild Mag

"Teenage Love - Deserted Places"

Welcome to the age of ironic pop music. Welcome to Teenage Love. The electro-pop duo consists of Katy Gunn (Brooklyn) and Anna Lidell (Copenhagen). These two singer-songwriters infuse catchy, candy-coated verses into "Deserted Places," a slick, Marian Hill-like track that is bolstered by its sharp, electronic production.

I have little doubt that Teenage Love will leave a sweet taste in your mouth just in time for summer - IndieShuffle

"We Make Music For The Young At Heart"

This week's article is a new initiative from KarriereKanonen which focuses on the emerging growth in Danish music.

Funny stories and teenage love..

Violins, beats, synthesizers and well-woven vocal harmonies. The duo Teenage Love is composed of a conservatory trained violinist and sound producer, creating a common playground of naive pop, over-the-top production and quirky ideas.

'The song is about two friends sharing funny stories from their past. In the midst of intimacy, trust and secret stories shared, they suddenly realize they are falling in love with each other', state Katy Gunn and Anna Lidell, which together constitute Teenage Love.

LISTEN Teenage Love in Debut at P6 BEAT (http://goo.gl/CXEedm)

The girls gathered for several hours, told each other their most embarrassing and memorable stories before agreeing on which story was best for the song.

They ended up using the one where one of them jumped into a fountain in Trafalgar Square, London, making out with a date until the police came, abruptly ending the romance of the moment. Running to avoid arrest, wearing a heavy, wet leather jacket, she and her date jumped onto a bus to escape - but we won't say which one the story belongs to.

'I Think I'm Falling In Love ' is a song that you will definitely fall for. It's flippant and skewed like a teenage love. The two songwriters perform just the right antics, so it lands perfectly in the ear canal. " - Editors of the week, KarriereKanonen

Katy Gunn comes from Tucson, Arizona and Anna Lidell from Risskov near Aarhus.

Three years ago, the two met in New York City for a cup of coffee through a mutual friend. A half hour later, Katy handed her apartment key to Anna and said she was going home to Arizona for a week, and that Anna was welcome to stay at her place while she was away. The vote of confidence was the beginning of their friendship.

This summer, they spent one month in a cottage in Mols, writing and recording five numbers. From this Teenage Love was born.

'We've previously played in more serious musical projects and decided we wanted to just have some fun. It's liberating to make music that is a bit 'over the top' in some ways. Silly, sarcastic, while at the same time sexy. It's basically teenage music for adults' , they say.

LISTEN to Teenage Love radio debut in Taste P3

How do you work when making your music ?

'Since we're both songwriters, producers and musicians, we'll each sit in front of the computer and lay down ideas - using our instruments and/or voices. We'll swap back and forth between manning the controls, and singing or playing instruments into the microphone'.

'We've been very busy. In one week, we've completed five songs for an EP, released two singles, played two festivals and made ​​our first home-made music video'.

READ MORE about Teenage Love here - KARRIERE­KANONEN (Danish National Radio), Cathrine Rodalgaard

"Happy Songs, Committed Girls - 4/5 stars"

Katy Gunn was on the program Saturday night at the Copenhagen Songwriters Festival. She is last year's holder of ' Best New Artist ' and this year had an extra surprise with her. Katy is in fact one half of the new Danish/American duo : Teenage Love, and therefore had the lovely Anna Lidell on stage .

It was Teenage Love's first concert and my expectations were soaring. And the girls did not disappoint! The show was full of energy and there is no doubt the two work well together and love the music they write. They were definitely having fun in front of an excited crowd, smiling and laughing with each other on stage - and the singing was stellar.

Katy and Anna's voices blend perfectly together - both parts were clean and clear. Katy played the violin , while Anna set loose on electronic drums.

Teenage Love rocked out on stage with very danceable tunes (the four numbers they were able to play) and, as the concert came to an end , the audience cried out for more. The girls wrote and recorded everything they performed just three weeks prior to this evening, which was a great surprise for the audience, and impressive at that.

If you want to read more about Teenage Love, you can learn more about the girls and their music in our article about them . - Bands of Tomorrow, Natalie Mortensen





When Copenhagen-based Anna Lidell took her first trip to the U.S., she met Katy Gunn through a mutual acquaintance in New York City. Within 30 minutes, the two songwriters/producers established a bond that would span across 2 continents. Pairing Katy's classical violin training and soulful voice with Anna's experience as an electronic music producer, the two began making music as Teenage Love in 2014.

Teenage Love's debut EP showcases the duo's penchant for quirky melodies, catchy lyrics, and sparkling production. A number of international radio and blogs have noticed Teenage Love: they were featured on Danish National Radio's Karriere Kanonen, and The Wild Mag calls Teenage Love 'dynamic, fun and original'. Hilly Dilly discovered TL's GOLD track, and wrote, 'The piece is ambitious, playful...there’s a sense of fun surmised that simply can’t be duplicated with any other act out right now.'

Onstage, both singers are up-front and center, with Katy on violin and Anna on live beats/samples. The two interchange synths between songs, showcasing their multi-instrumental and playful approach to performance.

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