Teenage Fangs

Teenage Fangs


feminism, reggae, punk, electro, showtunes, Elvira, 80s pop and hairmetal, 60s girl groups, 70s disco and rock, 90s dance, chamber music, orchestral, surf, motown, britpop, industrial, new wave, ska, alt country, rockabilly, hip-hop, psychadelic, arena rock, indie, shoegazer, noise


Sonny, new to L.A. from Colorado has a voice oftne compared to Gwen Stefani, Jim Morrison, Roy Orbison and Morrisey. With absolutely no musical background, he has taught himself to play synth, guitars, and program drums. Jobless in Los Angeles, he is just like the rest of the world, trying to get his act together so he can tour the world as the new legend in psychadelic rock.


Debut album "Lust in the Dust" will feature Side A (a darker ensemble inspired by 80s darkwave and witchcraft and heartbreak) and Side B (influenced by roller rink pop, disco, surf rock, duwop, showtunes, peace, and reggae, among many other genres. He has covered "Call Me" by Blondie and "You Got It" by Roy Orbison, as well as many others. He used to go by the name Ghostown Hussies and The Urchins. All his music can be found on www.myspace.com/teenagefangs.

Set List

Never played a show, but it would be full of covers, a hilarious and mystifying spectacle involved with many stage personalities and a highly provocative and psychedlic set. The set would last over an hour and a half and involved lots of movement and other entertaining surprises. Covers of Roy Orbison, Blondie, Alannah Myers' "Black Velvet" and a few songs by No Doubt.