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Teenage Girls


"A tight musical unit that dishes out an amalgam of power pop and rock with exceptional instrumentation, nice hooks and high-powered vocals. Teenage Girls is headed in the right direction and it won’t be too long before the boys land a major record deal.” - Citizens’ Voice, daily newspaper


Teenage Girls is a rock quartet existing in Wilkes-Barre, PA, that has succeeded in formulating a sound that encompasses all the great things about rock. Critics and fans alike enjoy the band's intelligent lyrics and Rock and Roll mannerisms and maneuverings. Essentially, Teenage Girls exist as rock and roll. Their style and live performances have been described as "controlled pop chaos." Others have referred to them as "a post-modern social blitzkrieg that laughs at angst, openly disdains the radio industry and engages all things rock." We're not quite sure what that means, but it sounds laudingly pretentious and we're sure that we love pretense.

The band recently released its brand new single “Summer of Breaking Up” with the B-side "The Untwist" – recently recorded with Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Grammy-nominated producer David Ivory. After seeing the band live at a Y-100 night at Philly’s Grape Street Pub, Ivory invited its members to his studio for a free session, and the rest will be history.

The release "Summer of Breaking Up" was met with immediate affection from Northeastern Pennsylvania radio stations. "Summer" has been receiving airplay on the No. 1 Top 40 station 98.5 WKRZ as well as 97.9 The X (modern rock) and 102.3 The Mountain (modern and classic rock).

Teenage Girls is also still riding the success of MTV’s “Lit Riffs” compilation. In September of 2004, TG was invited to cover Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” for inclusion on the soundtrack, which includes nine of the other most influential songs in rock history. The band tracked in one day at Saturation Acres Studios in Danville, Pa.

Bucking tradition, the band followed its highly successful The Failed EP release with an all-electronic record in August of 2004. Teenage Girls posted a downloadable, 14-track LP titled The Unbearable Likeability of a Man Called Me – a collection of vocalist Bob Zanicky’s most famous on-stage ramblings and comedy. Like TG’s previous soundclick.com works, the tracks sat at the No. 1 position in their respective categories for months.

The band's second full-length CD, The Initial Assault LP: The Art of Friendship won acclaim for a solid year after its release. Praise for The Initial Assault has ranged from number one hit singles for "Kissing Ugly Boys," "Exactabox" and "Dry" on soundclick.com to a heightened interest by both indie and major labels to work with the band. The band is presently testing the European market after being contacted by numerous English labels. Further, Teenage Girls recently won a national Clear Channel and Volkswagen sponsored "battle of the bands" and was selected to open for Rusted Root and Mike Doughty, formerly of Soul Coughing, at Temple University. The industry and crowd reaction was splendid. Mike Doughty was so impressed that he invited the band's drummer to share the stage with him at a few industry showcases in New York.

We'll end with the following facts. Teenage Girls is a fury of pure pop bliss on and off stage. It engages an audience like no other band in America signed or unsigned. Many who've seen them have openly admitted their dislike for indie-pop when entering the venue, but have left feeling invigorated and excited about the showmanship and song-craft displayed by these four future icons of rock.


Singles released in April 2005: "The Untwist" and "Summer of Breaking Up." Produced and recorded by David Ivory at Dylanava Studios in Philadelphia, PA

MTV's "Lit Riffs" soundtrack, released 2004. A cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" recorded at Saturation Acres in Danville, PA.

"The Unbearable Likeability of a Man Called Me" - Available for download on www.soundclick.com

"The Failed EP" - released Halloween 2003, recorded at Saturation Acres in Danville, PA. Downloads, streams at www.myspace.com, www.soundclick.com

"The Initial Assault LP: The Art of Friendship" - released 2002, recorded at Saturation Acres in Danville, PA. Downloads, streams at www.myspace.com, www.soundclick.com

Set List

A recent set list, of our own material.

Robert Palmer
Christmas Song
Over and Over
Summer of Breaking Up
Failed Pop Punk
Take Me With You
Man's Man
Crying Game

Teenage Girls comfortably fills any 1-hour time frame with a rotating set of material as well as the acclaimed spoken word of vocalist Bob Zanicky