The Teenage Prayers

The Teenage Prayers


The Teenage Prayers aren't just a band - they're Family, and with a sound that lies somewhere between the Band, the Kinks, Otis Redding and the cast soundtrack to "Cabaret", their heartstopping performances are both oddly familiar and totally distinct.


The Teenage Prayers have been blowing audiences away with their genre-bending brand of rock and roll for going on ten years, and they continue to gain steam.

Their first album, “Ten Songs”, featured a track produced by 60’s soul legend Solomon Burke, who flew the band cross country to work with them in LA. Their sophomore effort, “Everyone Thinks You’re the Best”, was produced by Dream Syndicate frontman and indie rock progenitor Steve Wynn, who fell in love with the band after they opened for him at a club gig in New York City.

Along the way, they’ve kept up a rigorous touring regiment, developing powerful followings across the Midwest, throughout New England, as far south as Atlanta and as far west as Los Angeles, sharing the stage with the likes of The Hold Steady, Radar Bros., The Detroit Cobras, Nicole Atkins, Eli Reed & The True Loves, Deer Tick, Hymns, multiple appearances at SXSW Music Festival and a coveted recording session with

Currently, The Teenage Prayers are hard at work on their third full-length album, which they are recording at Camp Street Studio with Paul Q. Kolderie (Pixies, Radiohead), and mixing at Tree Fort Studio (Vampire Weekend, MIA) in Brooklyn NY.


DAYTROTTER.COM: Tim Adams inflects his voice with some of the soul of a Nathan Willett and a Jim James when he sings about sex as well as escape and being lost in the cluster, and his bandmates help to create a sound that is rambunctious in its meaning and energy, giving off sparks and the kind of cleansing, sweaty movement that all good days should have at least a little bit of or they’ve been wasted. The Teenage Prayers makes sure that theirs – the prayers and all of the things that actually did happen – weren’t in vain.

ALL MUSIC GUIDE: Everyone Thinks You're the Best is a rocking good time, executed with soul and conviction, and ultimately a wonderful endorsement for a band that must be a blast in a live setting.

BOSTON HERALD: “A” - If you’ve bounced from Marah to the Hold Steady to Art Brut looking to recapture the high you get from discovering fresh, 24-karat rock ’n’ roll, you need to freebase New York’s Teenage Prayers… this Steve Wynn-produced follow-up clobbers cool and catchy with maniacal rock brilliance.

TWANGVILLE: Imagine a soul band playing CBGB’s and you’ll have a sense of the Prayer’s sound. The Brooklyn-based group serves up a potent blend of soul and hard rock that will get you dancing until you collapse from exhaustion.

BRUCE WARREN WXPN-PHILLY: Frontman Tim Adams comes with the drama and energy so lacking in indie-rock these days and his brother Terry is adept at riffing on soul music as he is with the classic rock. The songs on this album promise you a bright future should you indulge.

POPMATTERS.COM: Bucking the "nostalgia band" trend by being authentically nostalgic, the Teenage Prayers cause you to give blessings to that raw, purely enthusiastic adolescent music fan in all of us.

BROOKLYN ROCKS: The forthcoming sophomore release from The Teenage Prayers hasn't left my CD player for the last week. The band's music is somewhat of a throwback to the 70's but it touches on all points of the spectrum. There are elements of Cheap Trick, New York Dolls, Queen and California funk-rock on this disc.

UNDERRATED MAGAZINE: If these guys started their own religion, it would get you to stand up and sing. Trust me. I did it.

POPMATTERS.COM: Solomon Burke must have sensed that waft of tension in the Teenage Prayers' irony-free delivery -- their calculated smoke signals suggest they're searching for the secrets of the real showmen, not just fanatically aping them.

BOSTON PHOENIX: Frontman Tim Adams sing-shouts are a cross between James Brown and Isaac Brock

TROUSER PRESS: One of the most soulful indie rock outfits to come out of New York in years...

CITY BEAT, CINCINNATI: Their riffs have a sort of visceral simplicity, somewhere between the Rolling Stones and the Presidnents of the United states of America. Add the piano/organ and the juxtaposed guitar parts and a stew thickens. When you pourin the soulful vocals, the mixture becomes too thick to stir, but the Prayers are just going to start a food fight with it, anyway.

The Teenage Prayers Timeline

October 24, 2009 – The Teenage Prayers song “Time”, an unreleased track off of their upcoming third album, is featured in supermodel Cameron Russell’s Day of Action video campaign for the climate change awareness site

October 2009 – The Teenage Prayers play two showcases as part of CMJ Music Festival.

October 2009 – Mixing work on The Teenage Prayers’ third album begins at Tree Fort Studio (Vampire Weekend, MIA) in Brooklyn

September 2009 – The Teenage Prayers begin work on their third album at Paul Q. Kolderie’s Camp Street Studio in Cambridge MA.

September 2009 – The Teenage Prayers tour the Midwest with Chicago’s Brother George

September 3rd, 2009 – The Tee


Don't Call

Written By: Tim Adams

How I wish you hadn't called me
How I wish you hadn't had the need

Now I've got the guilt upon which all of this is built, upon a dream
And i'm satisfied when i'm chaste, i don't waste it at all

I'm sad, I'm sorry to be so oblong
Obtuse, I mean...

What's the use...

I don't know...
I've never been sure
And you act so demure, you see

You know that it's real in the sense that you feel it, it Stays.
In the sense that you raise it so high
Over your own peculiar ways...

And I'm upset
Because I'm in your debt.

So try
To believe all the whys
And the wherefores and whens
And I'll see you again
Cuz more than any one thing
You'll wear this ring
Because I'll marry you
And I'm sorry but I don't know what to do
To prove it to you,

I'm satisfied when I'm chaste I don't
Waste it at all.

So don't call.
Don't call.


"Everyone Thinks You're The Best" - Produced by Steve Wynn - released March18, 2008 through MRI Distribution and Sony/Red.

"Ten Songs" - self-released LP (2005) with continuing radio airplay from KEXP, WOXY, Minnesota Public Radio, and KCRW, among many others.

Set List

Sets generally range from 30 minutes to an hour depending on venue/lineup. Longest set ever performed: 4 hours