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Teenage Exorcists

Riverside, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Riverside, CA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Pop Rock




""Bomb" By Teenage Exorcists"

Teenage Exorcists is ragtag group of Riverside dudes who’ve known each other most of their lives. Together they make sun bleached garage rawk overwhelmed with power pop fuzz –like The Strokes if they grew up in the desert. And unlike most of their peers, they haven’t succumbed to the trendy psych-surf vibe. Here’s the opening track off their self-titled debut EP: - Free Bike Valet

"Friday Find - "Kind of Blue" Teenage Exorcists"

One wonderful side effect of being friends with other music writers in town is being turned on to great music.

Marissa Mortati of Of Shows and Burritos and I regularly send each other info on local bands and touring acts coming to town. But when the fabulous Miss Mortati suggested I check out Riverside group Teenage Exorcists I accidentally ended up on a website for three teenage girls who graduated from Bob Larson’s School of Exorcism (that exists?)…
After running in terror I ended up on TE’s bandcamp page spinning their 5-song EP and picked out “Kind of Blue” as my favorite straight away. Today’s Friday Find is an infectious blend of pop and rock has the kind of charming lyrics that us romantical nerds find so appealing.“When I don’t have a clue, you can be my Nancy Drew” being my favorite line. The fuzzy guitar riffs will melt your heart as you daydream of your sweetheart with this one.

And Mortati made this adorable stop-motion video for the song which you will watch now…
Good – now that you’re hooked I have wonderful news for you – the band will play The Hideout next Tuesday, April 22 with The Silver Palms! Formerly Eleven, The Void and many other iterations, The Hideout was recently remodeled and- from the looks of the pictures- greatly improved. So get your tickets and come shimmy shake with myself, Marissa, and this fun band coming through town. I can almost guarantee no one will have demons exorcised by a teen with blonde highlights. - http://soundsinsandiego.com/

"Teenage Exorcists: Teenage Exorcists"

Teenage Exorcists is the self-titled debut EP from Riverside, CA indie rockers. The five tracks were produced by Mark Rains (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Neon Trees) and are distinguished by the marriage of melodic vocals and tight harmonies, with a heavy SoCal garage, lo-fi feel. This is an EP that is loaded with energy, well written pop songs and a great vibe. Stream and download Teenage Exorcists at the link below. - Floorshime Zipper Boots

"Pop Quiz: Teenage Exorcists"

The guys of Teenage Exorcists thoroughly impressed with their self-titled EP, so we invited them to take our latest Pop Quiz.

TGE: Where/why the name Teenage Exorcists?

Teenage Exorcists: Our friend Talene posted this on facebook and it just looked too good.

TGE: What’s your favorite horror movie?

TE: Jurassic Park.

TGE: Give us a fun fact about the band.

TE: Kevin was on the cover of Newsweek Aug 6th , 2001.

TGE: How did y’all come together?

TE: It was only a matter of time before everyone else got married and we were the only ones left that didn’t have wives. Like, literally we have no other interests. 2 of us don’t know when the Super Bowl is.

TGE: What modern band would you most want to tour with?

TE: The reunited Oasis.

TGE: What are some of your favorite current tunes?

TE: It Feels Like We Only Go Backwards – Tame Impala // Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus

TGE: What would Teenage Exorcists spirit animal be?

TE: Anton Newcombe

TGE: When you’re not making music/recording what are y’all usually up to?

TE: Talking about making music/recording.

TGE Fill in the blank: Teenage Exorcists are

TE: he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.

TGE: What could fans expect from a live show?

TE: Basically, the audience is a sea of flowers, the music is the water, and we’re the hose.

TGE: What pop culture group of friends would most resemble Teenage Exorcists?

TE: We’re Larry David, George Harrison, David Duchovny, and Andrew Keegan all hanging out.

TGE: What’s been one of your most memorable moments as a group so far?

TE: Going to Bonnaroo, having our car searched by the police, the police finding the weed and not finding all the hits of acid in our shoes, and still being able to see Phish the same night.

TGE: What can we expect from the band next?!

TE: More songs! We have three full length albums ready to be recorded. - The Grey Estates

"EP: Teenage Exorcists - Teenage Exorcists"

One of the best feelings in the world is hearing an album for the first time and knowing you’ve fallen in love. Within minutes of pressing play on Teenage Exorcists‘ self-titled EP debut that feeling overtakes you, and the good news is, it never leaves.

The band describes themselves as “raw, fuzzed out pop music with a refined sense of melody that shines through all that noise.” Aided by Mark Rains of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club the Riverside, California foursome give listeners a little of everything, from stoner snark to fuzzy romanticism (afternoons listening to Slayer?! beating heart be still). Teenage Exorcists is just a perfectly, killer introduction to the group, and it has us eagerly waiting for what’s next. - The Grey Estates

"Alternative Rock Album Reviews: Teenage Exorcists"

Teenage Exorcists-Teenage Exorcists EP

At first, Teenage Exorcists come off like your average above-average indie rock band. They sound like they’re from California, the guitar fuzz is well rounded out by pretty great melodies, and the verses are smart and catchy. But then those solo’s crack in and change the perspective like you got hit in the face by a sledgehammer made of J Mascis riffs.

Specifically, the best thing about Teenage Exorcists, besides those amazing solos, is how smart they come off as a band. If Ball Park Music got Nick Zinner as a guitarist, then you’d have an idea of what I’m talking about. For example on ‘You Make Me Hippie’, there’s a line that goes ‘We can listen to Slayer, if that is what you love’. That’s probably the only line in an indie rock song of the past ten years that makes a positive and selfless reference to Slayer.

So, between the infectious-as-fuck chorus’, the Dino. Jr. solos and Vampire Weekend on crack indie rock that’s on display, its hard to find fault with Teenage Exorcists. - SoundlySounds

"Teenage Exorcists - The first five singles"

Teenage Exorcists - The first five singles

Got a sweet email from Kevin of the Teenage Exorcists, thanks for the love, and let me say I’m definitely a fan of your music. Fuzzy pop with just the perfect balance of raw edge. And can we talk about the fucking awesome vocals and lyrics?

I’m kind of blue cause I wanna be with you,

When I don’t have a clue, you can be my Nancy Drew,

You’re the french to my toast,

You’re the Beetles to my Stones

Maybe I’m just a sucker for dropping a Nancy Drew reference in a song, but either way the vocals are intoxicating. Has a very Cloud Nothings sound to it, and those guys kick ass. Also let be clear: Teenage Exorcists is an excellent band name, one of the better I’ve come across lately. So happy I didn’t miss this submission, and I can’t wait for more of their music. Bring on the cassettes and vinyl guys! - Feast of Beast


Teenage Exorcists EP (2014)



Out of the lonely cosmos filled with love, after heartaches and heart lifts, with overdrawn bank accounts and free drink tickets, after long drives on empty tanks through restless nights with piss 'n' shit pranks, four beings joined in audio coitus to birth a heinous, loud, sticky, electric baby and we are called Teenage Exorcists.

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