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"8 Toronto Acts You Should Hear Now"

Why They Matter: As the proprietors of local vinyl/cassette specialty imprint Telephone Explosion, Teenanger have plugged Toronto into the global garage-punk underground, issuing 7-inchers by San Francisco's Ty Segall, Seattle's Puberty, and the U.K.'s Black Time, among others. But Teenanger's own brand of raw, chain-fight-ready rock'n'roll makes them the best advertisement for the label's insolent spirit.

You Should Know: As if running a label weren't enough, Teenanger spearheaded their own three-day, 15-band festival in May dubbed The Toronto Thaw, a coming-of-spring celebration of local noise-rock that's poised to become an annual event. - SPIN magazine

"Teenanger NXNE 2011 review"

Teenanger are so mind-blowingly awesome. If the style of music I like could be distilled into a super powerful elixir, it would be like Teenanger got drunk on a whole bottle of it. - The Coast

"AUX's Top 10 punk records of 2010"

While garage rock kind of became the genre du jour for a little too long in Toronto this year, Teenager were the one band doing it right, and doing it before your Facebook feed was an endless itinerary of garage rock shows you were probably not going to actually attend. After a series of tape-only releases, Give Me Pink offered up a full-length taste of the band’s fuzzed-out, vintage-sounding proto-punk. And it was a fantastic fucking taste. - AUX TV

"Eye Weekly Best Toronto albums of 2010"

A new generation of indie-rockers have embraced the tenets of lo-fi production, washed-out reverb and cassette culture as a means of forging a sense of comfort, nostalgia and intimacy in an increasingly anonymous, uncertain, intangible digital world. Teenanger embrace them because they’re simply the most crudely effective mediums through which they can transmit their crudely effective garage-raucous rave-ups. Chris Swimmings’ Iggy-esque snarl and the band’s punkabilly swing may evoke the Stooges circa “Gimmie Some Skin,” but what Teenanger have truly inherited from their Ann Arbor forebears is the uncanny ability to express ennui as aggression. - Eye Weekly

"Altered Zones Teenanger feature"

Teenanger jangle and flail. Their calloused punk claws out from Toronto, but they produce a true sound that's more frequently represented by Nor-Cal and dirty-south Athens. "Alone on Acid" is fresh, and akin to what Billy Childish did in the 80s (with many bands) and what Ty Segall has done the past few years in San Fran along with the mod-revivalism of the Black Lips in the South. Teenanger's newest record, Give Me Pink, is out now on Telephone Explosion and can be purchased through the label's website. - Altered Zones blog


"Give Me Pink"
Released in 2010 on Telephone Explosion Records.



Teenanger have been sharpening their aural machete for four years now, subjecting audiences all across North America to an unrelenting mess of dirty punk and blues. Their shows are full of boozy swagger and encourage the kind of consumption that gets you kicked out of a bar and sent home in a taxi.

With two releases in the can, the Toronto quartet are ready to hit the road again, bringing with them the requisite couldn’t-give-a-fuck attitude that makes them so damn endearing. If you can count yourself among those fortunate enough to be bearing witness to a Teenanger performance this year, bring your barf bag, tie your house keys to your jeans and don't say we didn't warn you.


Sharon Needles - Bass
G.C. Gary - Guitar
Salvatore - Drums
Riley Wild - Vocals