Tee Turner

Tee Turner

 Waterford, Michigan, USA

It is no wonder that such national performers such as The Miracles, Percy Sledge, Chairman of the Board, The Contours featuring Sylvester Potts, Damon Harris and Brenda Holloway requested Tee Turner's talent.


And talented he is - first and foremost as a superb vocalist ranging from the haunting qualities of marvin Gaye and David Ruffin (perhaps because of his overall love of Motown music) to the current trends of today's artists.

This love enabled Tee to replicate the magic of Marvin Gaye in the same sassy, secy manner that made Gaye the legend his is. Attesting to this is Kim Weston who performed "It Takes Two" (a Motown duest recorded by Marvin and Kim) with Tee in St. Louis at the opening of the St. LouisLibrary's Motown Exhibit.

Performing Marvin's music with Weston on opening day of the Marvin Gaye Park in Washington, DC was a honor Turner holds close to his heart. This Tribute to Marvin Gaye has been an international success and a touching accolade to a renowned entertainer.

He has performed with Motown's legendary group The Miracles from 1996 through 2011 and can be seen on TJ Lubinsky's PBS programming.

He currently holds one of the lead spots with The Contours featuring Sylvester Potts