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Maintaining a Creative Outlook On Life, TeeZy accomplishes this through his message in his music. TeeZy believes his music not only fits with the C.O.O.L. brand but he believes he is the C.O.O.L. brand.


From walking the block of Langrange and Stagecoach in a well known hood in Dallas (Highland Hills), Carlton Bryan “Teezy” Thomas-Miller chose to stand alone and find a way out ofhis environment instead of selling drugs or committing crimes in his neighborhood. After writing his first rap in 7th grade, he would reluctantly freestyle for his friends and
teammates here and there but never took it seriously. In 2002, at the age of 17, Teezy was given a scholarship to play football and run track at the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff. There starting as a freshman, Teezy had
the world at his feet until his hood mentality and judgment would catch up with him after one of his best friends informed police of his involvement in an assault. Teezy then started a rap group named “The Truth” were they did nothing but basically talk about the incident. After completing the CD, Teezy accomplished more than just dissing someone, he felt like he had found a love for making music. From that moment, he traded his football cleats in for a microphone. In 2004 he signed with Big Hit Records in Dallas, Texas were his life would change musically. Rapping alongside great artist such as A1,and Quint Foxxx, and also joined a group
named T.M.B. (Texas Mafia Boyz). Teezy then return to the classroom at Southern University where he received a Bachelors degree in Mass Communications. After
being in life threatening situations, Teezy decided that standing alone was the
best thing to do. Now making good music and being successful in life is the only
goal for Mr. Swaggscollar himself. Teezy has since then released mixtapes entitled “The ReuP”, and “Swishers And Instrumentals”. Now his awaited album “C.O.O.L.”
is predicted to be his best work since evolving in the music world. Teaming up with his Engineer Jacobi Jackson (@cobimixedthat), his Manager and mentors Ron
Clark, and Ian Shaw, C.E.O. and Mentor Calvin Halloway, and Marketing extraordinaire CooL Group, TeeZy is sure to be a success in this industry. With the effort and music he
is creating, his new vision of living life to the fullest and having a creative outlook on life is sure to make his music timeless to were it will live long after he is gone.


Party and Bullshit - Single 2013
CooL - 2013
The Tape is featured on LiveMixtapes