Indie/college rock meets classical violin


"Indie/college rock meets classical violin"

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From classical orchestras to Guitar Center castaway, Alicia and Devin have combined their distinct styles and backgrounds to bring you the music of Tefflon. Emerging from the singer/songwriter music scene in San Diego, Tefflon, with the addition of Tony and Nucci on rhythm, is putting its stamp all over southern California. This eclectic mix of musicians, whose sound is best described as indie/college rock meets classical violin, plays in the vein of the Rilo Kiley, Menomena, and The Decemberists.

Currently Tefflon has finished up their first full-length album entitled, “The Morning Way”. This seminal album was engineered and co-produced by multi-San Diego Music Award winner Jeff Berkley of BerkleyHart fame and mastered by two-time Grammy award winner Gavin Lurssen, best known for his work on the “O’ Brother Where Art Thou” soundtrack.



Written By: Tefflon

I think we're done so strip it all away
The bottle we've spun so strip it all away
Drained some yeast and gained a beast in my head
The tighter the hold the better the dream in the end

Conscience, conscience understand
Conscience, conscience I'm just not that big a fan
So find the humor if you can

I won't get pissed off I'll just get depressed
Keep a smirk on my face to keep in all suppressed
Now I've lost my joules with another slap of my tongue
The deeper the breath the deeper the tar in my lungs

Take another quaalude and she'll love me

A Long Drive

Written By: Tefflon

History goes through a phase
An image you can't live without
When you wake with a cough from this haze
Is this what a good time's about?
And you ask yourself why
Why do I try to blend in
Either way there's this distance between us
And this headache that's bound to set in

A long drive
The leaves fall faster
When the wind come alive

The weather is on its way down
And I just might stay there for weeks
The clouds form these shapes that intrigue us
The sky begs the sunset to sink
And you ask yourself how
How can we flood this whole place
To yell at the wall just might drown me
If it bounces back right in my face

See I change as the seasons do change
Yet stay drifting in so many ways
And these colors they just seem to fade

Kodak Moment

Written By: Tefflon

I hate these moments
That I'm supposed to care about
A defining moment
Expressed with four letters from this mouth

The crowd reigns in
And I had a moment
Voices blend in
And I had a moment

Who are these people
That I'm supposed to care about
These shallow people
When going off the deep end
Gets the chlorine out

A Kodak Moment
Voices blend in
And I had a moment

I apologize
This bad taste in my mouth
Brings these sensations back to me


The Morning Way, LP

Set List

1-3 hours, mostly originals