Tef Sunset

Tef Sunset

BandHip Hop

Witty flow and charming yet stern voice. Something Different. The Rookie Of The Year.


TENATIOUS: What better word to describe the heart of hip-hops newest STAR in the making. Tef-SunSet. This philadelphia native has surely been touched by a hand of greatness. With his unique witty flow and charming yet stern voice, he stands as a force to be reckened with. But in his own words he's just simply "Something Different". Ever sense he could remember the soulful sound of music has been in his life. After watching the consistant downfall of his family, Tef decided to turn to music for guidence and motivation. Not knowing that this was his calling in the making he began to create music instead of consume it. In highschool Tef was a DJ and by the 12th grade he formed a rap group with two neighborhood friends in which he would write and create their music. He'd Dj class trips, House and block parties throughout his 12th grade year. At age 17 due to lack of money for college, Tef decided that the military would be the fastest legal way to save up enough money so he could futher his career. But fate had other plans. This new venture would provide him with experience in all areas of preforming, recording and gaining respect amungst his peers. After his military tenure, new found name and positive attitude engraved in his heart, Tef is now ready to take this game called Hip-Hop by storm. Besides its about time for "Something Different".......


So Fly
Can U
Missing u

Set List

12 Minutes max
44 Barz
So Fly
Can u

Bonus: Missing U (if Screen Avil) Between So Fly & Can U