BandRockNew Age

An ocean of sweet swirling sounds, that captivates the listener with bubbling, subtle melodies that builds to a large crescendo and explodes into a feeling of unification between creator and observer.
There is no Tehachapi without the listener.


Tehachapi is about creating a world for the listener.
People see us because we attempt to offer them an experience.
We incorporate projections, and try to get people involved by painting/burning things or anything they like.
Tehachapi has been influenced by a wide array of music.
We describe ourselves as psychedelic, but that is because we have noticed that our audience move to an alternate emotional state while listening.

We are very lucky to say that all our music has formed very organically and that disputes are a rarity within the band.
Music such as Mogwai, Radiohead and The Brian Jonestown Massacre are the most notable influences, but a very strong influence is grounded in the modal movements of Miles Davis and other groove movers of the time.

Tehachapi has found a very strong fan base in Melbourne, of people that are inspired by the music and are also very internally effected by the various scapes we provide.


'(100)' - Tehachapi
This is our first album.
A concept album mixed and produced in Berlin in late 2009.
(100) Numbered Lovers has been played on Australian radio - (triple R).

Our first E.P is soon to be Released in February 2011 titled 'Land of Four Seasons'. Also a conceptual work, based on Mother Earth.