tehuti is a songwriter with a style that ranges from mellow, jazzy tunes and haunting pop ballads to more upbeat songs, all with an unmistakable, lyrical quality. His influences include Bjork, Beatles, Radiohead and Paul Simon, and he also performs covers by all of these and other artists.


The unmistakably lyrical songs by singer/songwriter Tehuti range in mood from mellow, jazzy tunes and haunting pop ballads to more upbeat songs. His main influences are Björk, Paul Simon, Paul McCartney, dEUS and Radiohead. He just finished his second album, 'Let Me Hide In Your Cupboard', which was released end of October 2008. The eleven songs on this album are accessible, yet varied in mood and style. On some tracks he was joined by Brandon Pender on guitar and Rick Constantino on drums.

His first, self-titled album is a solo project consisting of eight original songs. The lyrics to 'Demolition Derby' and 'Sauce' were written by poet Alicia Vandevorst; the others were written by Tehuti. Since the release party in January 2008 the album has sold close to two hundred copies.

Since his move to upstate New York, Tehuti has played solo gigs in the Rochester area, and performed (as a bass player) with singer/songwriter Mary Shannon.

Tehuti is the stage name of Toon Vandevorst. Before focusing his energy on songwriting only, he was also active as a performer of classical music (mainly Early Music and contemporary classical), most notably with the ASKO Choir and Netherlands Bach Society in the Netherlands, and with Volti, the Philharmonia Baroque Chorale, and the San Francisco Symphony Chorus in the Bay Area. As a composer he wrote a number of 'serious' (and also not-so-serious) classical pieces, like the one for saxophone and amplified coffee maker.


I Love You

Written By: tehuti

Snow may fall, but I love you
Mountains may fall, but I love you
We all know our leaders lie to us
We're still so far away from the truth
Innocent people die for us
But I love you

When you burn your toast and toast it again
When you steal a kiss and kiss me again
Half asleep, with our feet entwined
Two lovers, but one soul
We don't live in a house but a universe
And I love you

Snow may fall, but I love you
Mountains may fall, but I love you

We (The Colors)

Written By: tehuti

Are you worried that you won't be able to drive your car at all
That some Arab will throw a bomb and destroy your shopping mall

We'll take care of you

Are you afraid that you'll lose your job and the bank will take your home
That your wife will leave you and you'll end up all alone

We'll take care of you

Are you scared to lose another son in another senseless war
To keep some foreign army from blasting through your door

We'll take care of you
We, the colors, red and white and blue
The stripes and stars, we'll save your cars and your shopping mall
We'll compensate with tax rebates for your son's funeral


Let Me Hide In Your Cupboard (Oct 2008)
Tehuti (Jan 2008)

Set List

band: At this moment a half hour set;
solo: Anywhere from one half hour set to two 45 minute sets with the repertoire underneath.

A Walk In Nature
Carry On
Drive All Night
The Dungeon And The Cross
I Love You
Lara's Elephant
Long Blue Note
My Head (band or solo)
We (The Colors) (band or solo)
Down In The Water (band)
Elusive Girl (band)
The Dungeon And The Cross (band or solo)
Long, Deep Breath
Let Me Hide In Your Cupboard (band or solo)
Lotus Blossom

additional covers:
Another World (Joe Jackson)
Cold, Cold Heart (Norah Jones)
Does Everyone Stare (Police)
Don't Stop (Fleetwood Mac)
Drive My Car (Beatles)
Fake Plastic Trees (Radiohead)
Fields Of Joy (Lenny Kravitz)
I Want To Tell You (Beatles)
Immature (Bjork)
Hide And Seek (Howard Jones)
Lady Madonna (Beatles)
Maxwell's Silver Hammer (Beatles)
Pyramid Song (Radiohead)
'Round Midnight (Thelonius Monk)
Short People (Randy Newman)