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2006 Toronto Independent Music Awards Nominees.
2007 Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards Nominees.
2007 Top 100 in International BodogBattle (1000 bands entered)
2008 Cover of Kitchener Record "NightLife", 2 page story by Colin Hunter.

TekNatural brings an energetic sound, hot and fresh, similar to granma's irresistable oven baked bisquits. The recipe for their tantalizing flavour is simple:

1 cup of soul, 1 cup of love for music, 1 cup of passion. Mix all ingredients together. Turn up the temperature and make it HOT!

They say never mix business with family, but TekNatural's two lead emcees have defied that logic for over 8 years while writing music and performing live all over southern Ontario. The two artists, who each have a unique style, manage to mesh the two together almost seamlessly. This has resulted in almost 100 live stage performances, and also fuels their deep passion for electrifying audiences with raw energy and talent. They've graced the stages at some of Toronto's most reputable clubs, such as "El Mocambo" and "The Reverb". In the fall of 2007, while working with Toronto native Autumn on their single "Jus Chillin", the three noticed they had great chemistry and the two emcees decided to add another member. Autumn began her singing career at an early age with a local choir. Her smooth but powerful voice can calm even the most irate listener, and she has certainly added a distinctive element to TekNatural. Later in 2007, as V-Tek and N.I., searched for the last ingredient for the group, they were introduced to Nigel Chapman, also known as Dj Soulution. It didn't take long for them to realize that he shared in their love, passion, and knowledge of music. It was instant chemistry and the completion of "TekNatural" was cemented.

This past year has been challenging and rewarding for TekNatural. On October 19th, 2007 they released their debut album entitled "X-PLOSION", and have sold over 500 copies in less than one month’s time. The album’s first single "Jus Chillin" was nominated by Toronto Exclusive Magazine for best provincial Hip Hop song, and has garnered great reviews, such as the one by Danie Cortese, who is a publicist and industry professional.

"The single "Jus Chillin" featuring Autumn, V-Tek and Natural Instinct blew my mind. I thought it was fantastic. Polished, Catchy, Upbeat...well produced...it has all the qualities of a hit single." – Danie Cortese, November 2007

In response to all the positive feedback received, TekNatural entered the song "Jus Chillin" in the International Bodog Battle competition. They were chosen to audition live with 12 other bands in the first round of battles in St.Catharines. Their electric performance wowed the judges and audience, and Bodog judges selected the group to advance to round two. The group finished in the top 100, out of nearly a thousand bands or more.

Their goal is to make music that speaks for itself, and is able to stand the test of time. As a Hip Hop group, they know they will be labeled with main stream biases even before they are seen or heard. To combat this, TekNatural music is original and virtually free of profanity and vulgarity. They site that "music is for the ears of the world, to keep its mind free", so with that basic understanding, it’s no wonder TekNatural has already begun to withstand the test of time!

For more info on TekNatural, please visit their myspace page @ www.myspace.com/teknaturalmusic.

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For booking call (519)222-1277

Members of Socan Canada.


2001 - Album, "Northern Originz" 14 Songs (With group IL Ordeal).
2003 - Basic Training (Frantic Fingerz)
2004 - Basic Training 2 (Frantic Fingerz)
2005 - Compilation, 18 Songs - Tricities Network
2006 - Single "Stomp" (Toronto Independent Music Award nomination).
2007 - Album, "X-Plosion", 15 Songs
2007 - Single "Jus Chillin" (Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards nomination).

Set List

Set list & duration varies on promoter's request due to their time constraints. TekNatural's sets have varied from 10 minutes to 2 hours. TekNatural's Dj also spins music inbetween multiple set frames.
Typically they perform 20-45 minute sets.
Currently they are performing songs off of their recently released "X-Plosion" album.
The album consists of smooth type tracks to high energy club tracks with a wide variety of sounds and beats.
TekNatural tries to construct their performance sets depending on the demographics of the type of crowd that is expected to attend the event.

Typical performance set:

1. Let's get Loose - 3:30 mins
2. It's Alright - 4:00 mins
3. Proper Like - 3:00 mins
4. I Love My City - 2:30 mins
5. Jus Chillin - 4:00 mins
6. Break It Down - 3:30 mins

6 songs = 20 mins

Additional set #1

1. Stomp - 3:30 mins
2. Guaranteed - 3:00 mins
3. N.I. (Who Am I) - 3:00 mins
4. Don't Mess My Vibe up - 3:30 mins
5. Move 4:00 m