Tek SubPort

Tek SubPort

 Towson, Maryland, USA

Tek SubPort blurs the line between DJ and Live Performer by using custom instruments, technology, and raw musical energy. Tek SubPort delivers the humanism that electronic music deserves while still tearing your face off with massive drops, crushing bass sounds, thick textures, and driving beats.


Tek SubPort is an electronic music performance act that blurs the line between DJ and Live performance/improvisation. With roots in every form of electronic music, as well as jazz, jam rock, hip-hop, and many more, Tek SubPort has a unique take on where music has come from, where it is, and where it needs to go. Tek SubPort has shared the stage with a wide range of artists ranging from Datsik, The Egg, Two Fresh, C.I.A., Erik McFadden, and The American Babies.

The Base -

The live performance is based on fully produced original music with each song broken down to its individual elements (drums, bass, harmony, melody, etc...). These elements are played in any way seen fit and are used along with music created by other artists. This allows for a very unique flow that mimics a DJ, yet it generates a unique space for improvisation and interpretation.

The Structure -

The tools used to perform the music have been custom designed so that the elements of original songs can be manipulated at any moment in time. Each individual musical element can be changed in a various number of ways to allow the songs to take on new forms at every performance, making each event a unique experience of familiar sounds. Then these manipulated elements are combined with music from other artists to allow for hard falling bass lines and soul crushing drum beats to capture the audience and make them crazy.

The Flare

Tek SubPort likes to keep things interesting by bringing in live instrumentalists and vocalists to add there own musical concepts to the mix. This allows the music to become even more organic and the electronic sounds to feel even more natural.

Overall, Tek SubPort wants to take electronic music and its performance to the next level by adding an element of humanism and reality to the experience.


Tekkie-P - This is the Tek SubPort EP and it is available for free download from www.teksubport.bandcamp.com.

Pyroaster (Chris DeMillo) - Culture Shonk (LP) - Available on iTunes and all other major online music retailers.

pcm3 (Stephen Frank) - Colors in the Air (EP) - Available on iTunes and all other major online music retailers.

Set List

Setlists are constantly changing. A typical show will last between 1-1.5 hours with about 20-30 tracks.