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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
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It’s time we shed a bit of light on some new artists. Telagraf are and electro pop duo from NYC, their fresh sound pricked up Mr Robot’s ears and he managed to get hold of them for a quick but great interview. - Lost In Musik

"BBC 6 Radio Presenter say TELAGRAF is, Simple yet effective. Ultra cool and catchy"

BBC 6 Radio Presenter, Vicki Blight calls TELAGRAF "Simple yet effective. Ultra cool and catchy." - The Unsigned Band Review / Absolute Radio

"TELAGRAF track "Tell Me That" being featured on “The Plug” Show --WomensRadio"

TELAGRAF being featured on the 21st Episode of “The Plug” Show on WomensRadio

"The Plug" is a new weekly feature – showcasing the diverse roster of artists/bands/labels recently discovered by WomensRadio. - Women's Radio

""Outpost" by Telagraf"

SUNDAY, MAY 10, 2009

Telagraf is a lofi melodic pop band from NYC, and their first release, a five song EP called "Outpost", has a full sound even though there are only two members, Théa Laforestrie (vocals, keyboards) and Tod Williams (guitars, backing vocals, electronics, bass).

"Outpost" incorporates elements of rock, jazz, dubs, breaks, and drum 'n' bass with a strong vocal element and some acoustic influences, and is a very spacious sounding album.

Théa displays her talent for interesting vocal harmonies throughout "Outpost", and Tod only plays parts that give to the sound of each individual song, never attempting to showcase himself, he consistently gives each song room to breathe.

Even though Théa could adequately handle the vocals throughout the CD with ease, she steps aside for the beginning of "That's Weird" to let Tod set the tone of the song with his vocals, which make you feel like he's telling you a secret that you're not supposed to know.

Telagraf knows what they are doing musically, and they show that on the song "Luv School" where halfway through the song there is a somewhat dissonant guitar solo, that if recorded by any other group, would be considered amateur, but it makes sense when Telagraf does it. Every word sung on "Outpost" and every instrument played is deliberate--there is a place for everything.

The lyrics on "Outpost" are well written, and lyrics like "you don't pick up your cell phone anymore, you don't text me, you don't text me, you don't text me anymore" on the song "Cell Phone" also make it very relevant.

Although all five songs are great, my personal favorite is "Uncharted", which begins with huge sounding drums, showcases Théa's sultry vocals and interesting melodic ideas, and very common sense yet powerful lyrics like "some things must be, what they must be".

The great thing about "Outpost", from a sonic standpoint, is that the overall sound is huge and spacious, and that gives the songwriting a chance to shine, along with Théa's lead vocals, vocal harmonies, and all the instrumental parts that Tod plays to help build the overall sound of each song.

The band is currently working on a follow up CD that explores collaborations with many of their friends in the NYC music scene, and many of those friends are DJs, so expect to hear some dance beat experimentation on their next recording. Until then, you can check out Telagraf and their debut EP "Outpost" at:

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EP: Unboxing [ new release ]
EP: Outpost



Telagraf is an Electro Pop band from NYC composed of members Théa Laforestrie ( vocals, keyboards, bass ) and Tod ( programming, guitars, backing vocals, electronics, bass ).

B • A • N • D U • P • D A • T • E

Just Finished our new EP Unboxing available on itunes for the first time! We'Re so eXcitED

Lot's of killer Move Yer Butt tracks CHK it OUT, PIK it uP!!!!