Eclectic, exciting and innovative acoustic-indie trio, using electronics, exotic instruments and more. Haunting yet hopeful songs of love and loss, from suburbia to the great unknown. Influences from Radiohead, Bjork and Sufjan Stevens to Ben Folds Five, Andrew Bird and Kings of Convenience.


Simultaneously drawing on genres as diverse as folk, classical and electronica, yet always original in outlook, Telegrams craft intelligent, moving songs to get under skins and melt hearts. Live performances see this and more, with live looping and multi-instumentalism, always with the intensity you'd expect from a group Seatwave called "Absolutely brilliant... fantastic music that is never pretentious and always melodic and entertaining. It is folk, jazz, and sometimes just pop of the very highest quality"


2007: Stop EP - Self-released on CD and mp3 Download. Available on iTunes.

New EP on the way.

Set List

Typical Set List:

Chess Moves
Make It All Stand Still
Last Entry
Normal Conversation
Woodland Nights
We Could Be Raindrops

THis would be for a 45 minute set, could be longer or shorter depending on requirements.