Warner Robins, Georgia, USA

Telegraph is a group of three southern boys seeking to share their music with the world. The rock drive matched with acoustic undertones defines Telegraph's sound. Lyrically brilliant melodies matched with Telegraph's signature sound bring a very impressive combination to the table of new music.


Telegraph does not mix with the blandness of mainstream music, and gives a new meaning to the term "a fresh new sound." Instant hits like "No One Ever Told Me" and "Stand" sent the group to number one on their local charts (via reverbnation) in less than a month after the first single was released. Audiences are impressed by the unique simplicity of the band and their ability to enthrall a crowd. From the first note to the last, every eye in the room looks toward the stage.


~Little Blue Balloon EP featuring streaming and online distribution.

~Numerous singles.

~An upcoming full-length album

Set List

Set list can and will be changed to suit the needs of the venue. Sets can be anywhere from one song to approximately two hours.