A charismatic and danceable treat, Teleprompter are a departure from traditional classifications. Merging Indie Rock attributes with an angular Post-Punk playing style, this indie quartet produce an enigmatic, no-holds-barred sound to the acclaim of critics and fans alike.


Forged in the Summer of 2006 in the brick box that served as their rehearsal room, Teleprompter is the amalgamation of the musical tastes of four young men with prodiguous and puissant talent. Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, and having launched an EP locally to significant success, the band have been propagating their own refreshing of Indie Rock to the greater Brisbane area and the east coast of Australia thanks to the technological miracle of the Internet.

Citing influences such as The Cure, At the Drive In, Gang of Four, and Bloc Party, Teleprompter have honed their live performance skills and gained further recognition after playing a series of headlining shows at such iconic Brisbane venues as The Zoo and Ric's Bar.

Rave reviews have seen their local presence snowball like some kind of mythical indie juggernaut, and the lads stand poised to explode upon to the Australian music Scene.


EP/Demo - Carte Blanche (5 Tracks)
Recorded Alchemix Stuios, EP Launched at the Zoo 1 Oct 2008.
5 Streaming tracks available on Myspace, further recordings of new material planned Early 2009.

Set List

Typical set list consists of the following songs ordered to suit venue and expected audience. Please note recordings of all of these songs not available at this time, expected to be rectified early 2009.

I Want It
Dirty Little Mind Games
A Scholar and A Physician
The Goth Detectives
*Encore if Necessary*
Whiskey Fumes
Canonical Five