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"TELEPROMPTER – Teleprompter EP [Review]"

Brilliant ‘first’ production conveys the Fuck Disco spirit
Flamboyant indie clan Teleprompter recently fucked with the natural order of things by erasing the band’s discography off the face of the Internet. So what if you still remember a 2008 self-titled EP, the Evil Bat Island EP circa 2009, Fuck Disco parties in East Brisbane and all those failed attempts to convert hipsters into Hawaiian-shirt lovers? Teleprompter wanted to rewrite stuff. Successfully turning years of live experience into anthems of math-electro dance about boyish delusions they prove to be not only still highly functional, but at the height of their creative powers. Between delayed, puncturing guitars, frontman Mitch Exton wallows along ever-changing rhythms, naming and shaming his fabricated personas. The deluded, half-bitter rambling reaches highs in Lung-Tied and Lambda, while Dinobot’s broken sadness hides behind a snap-happy electro swagger. Banshee is clearly a shout-out to Bloc Party, proudly bouncing off the raw dance revival. It seems fitting that an original “oldie” like Boxcutter makes it as the finale (face-lifted, of course, with hordes of electricity). As the lyrics put it: “A second chance / To get it right.” - Alice Rezende (Rave Magazine Editorial)

"Film Clip Friday - Hermitude, The Aston Shuffle, Pluto Jonze, Teleprompter"

If you love amazing, ridiculous, low budget action film clips, then, wow, you are going to LOVE this video from Brisbane's Teleprompter. - Dom Alessio (Triple J Radio Presenter)

"Teleprompter Kick Off Parklife"

First cab off the rank, Unearthed band Teleprompter.

And BOY, did they make the most of their opening spot!

The Queensland based band had 5 members on stage, all in Star Wars costume! There was Luke Skywalker, the other Skywalker, Hans Solo, Darth Vader and the drummer was (shirtless) Bobba Fet. ***

*** Please note, I knew none of these references and/or spelling.

Luckily I'm surrounded by nerds (A.K.A Vijay).

Unfortunately when they started, the gates hadn't opened. But that didn't matter, as their start was full of energy! As soon as people started coming in, Teleprompter's set (and outfits) caught the ears(and eyes) of a early Parklife goers!

Tunes were tight, and the vibe was fun! Great indie-pop, with a beat. Perfect festival openers. Oh and their parents were watching. Either that, or two oldies with cameras loved a bit of Star Wars themed music.

Oh sheeeeit. It's raining. A lot. - Lewis McKirdy (Triple J Radio Presenter)

"Catch of the Day: Teleprompter - Banshee"

Ready to dance, and dance fast? Take a listen to this then; the new song from Brisbane Unearthed discovery Teleprompter.

With heartfelt yelps, a driving rhythm section, angular ragged guitars and plaintively crying harmonies, Banshee grabbed me on first listen. And then that synth line sneaks in at then end, without fuss or fanfare, before the song strips away the bare party minimum and comes back big for a final assualt.

Total. Party. Jam. This is fun stuff, and it's my catch of the day. Download it for yourself here. - Zan Rowe (Triple J Radio Presenter)

"Teleprompter // “Dinobot”"

Source: - Cantora Records "Motherbird" Blog

"On The Verge : Teleprompter (Brisbane, Australia)"

**Featured on front page slider and main feature article on CMJ Daily E-mail Blast (4th Nov, 2011)**

What’s in a name? For the guys in post-punk/dance-rock outfit Teleprompter, it’s “Desperation, two bottles of scotch and an Anchorman DVD.” The Brisbane band—which was recently tapped as a Triple J Unearthed artist—has already amassed a large following in Australia and is now looking to hook more listeners with its infectious mix of Foals-style math rock and dance pop à la Cut Copy.

Worldwide ambitions don’t have to mean being serious, however. Teleprompter eschews the self-aware arrogance that runs rampant in so many post-punk circles, instead infusing its sound with equally ample amounts of childlike whimsy and playful nerdiness; the group played the Parklife festival dressed up as Star Wars characters, and the video for the band’s most recent single, “Dinobot,” is a throwback to Power Rangers and—as you may have guessed from the title—dino-robot hybrids.

“A bit of nerdiness always seems to end up in our lyrics,” says guitarist Mitch Exton. “We’ve got songs inspired by Halo, Half-Life and bulk old-school literary references, but you wouldn’t really know unless you listened really carefully.”

The geeks have worked with a prince, too: Yama Indra from Damn Arms. The so-called “Prince Of Aussie Disco” produced the band’s latest self-titled EP—and according to Exton, the collaboration was a terrific one.

“Working with Yama Indra from Damn Arms was a blast,” Exton says. “He was definitely able to capture both sides of Teleprompter and translate it into a very cohesive EP. Damn Arms definitely has an influence on us, and we were thrilled when we found out we were able to work with him.”

So what’s next for Teleprompter? The band will take its dance rock to the East Coast this month, though the players are keeping mum about specifics. Exton describes Teleprompter’s live sets as “very energetic and full on,” which is easy to imagine since the band’s art-pop is already more hyperactive than a toddler with 50 Pixy Stix in his system. Check the band’s Facebook page for an unrolling of tour dates. - Zoe Camp (CMJ Editorial)


Self-Titled EP (May 2011)
- Banshee (first single) received extensive airplay throughout Australia on Triple J, FBi, 3RRR, 4ZzZ and more.
- Dinobot (second single) received extensive airplay throughout Australia. The associated filmclip got Teleprompter a feature article on

Boxcutter Single (Jan 2010)
- Boxcutter received extensive airplay throughout Australia on Triple J, FBi, 3RRR, 4ZzZ and More. Boxcutter also won Teleprompter a spot at the Parklife Festival.

Lambda Single (Jan 2010)

Evil Bat Island (March 2009)



After months of anticipation, Brisbane based post-punk/dance outfit Teleprompter released their self-titled EP in May, 2011. Teleprompter merges angular post-punk with indie rock elements, resulting in an enigmatic, no-holds-barred sound. The EP was produced by Yama Indra (G.L.O.V.E.S/Damn Arms). The first single, “Banshee”, as the name suggests, is a frenzied indie-punk tune with melodic vocals and catchy guitar work.

Teleprompter have recently (18/Oct) released their first ever film clip, to celebrate the release of “Dinobot”, the second single from the 2011 self-titled EP. The film clip is a heavily stylised take on classic 80’s action film, heavily utilising green screens, video game graphics and cheesy effects. Think Power Rangers, The Mighty Boosh, or Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Within approximately a week of release the clip had racked up just shy of 750 views, was featured on Triple J’s Home and Hosed blog, and premiered on the home page of The band hit the road during November 2011 to play club shows (Can’t Say @ Miss Libertine, Sosueme @ Oxford Arts, Cobra Kai @ Oh Hello) across the east coast of Australia in celebration of these achievements.

On 2011 single Banshee:

“So heavily into this new tune. Angular, ragged guitars, yelling vocals, harmonies, fast paced drum beat.... PARTY SONG. Good one guys.”

4 out of 5 - Zan Rowe (Triple J Radio Presenter)

On 2011 single Dinobot:

"Bit of a solemn vibe but I'm digging the variety on your ep. Very full, intense and kinda chaotic and that moment ~ 3:00 is mayhem! Nice one."

4 out of 5 - Lewis McKirdy (Triple J Radio Presenter)

On 2010 single Boxcutter:

“This song channels the sweat-soaked energetic feel of acts like Death From Above 1979, Les Savy Fav and early Rapture. Makes me wanna angry-dance.”

4 out of 5 - Dan Buhagiar (Triple J Senior Music Producer)

The band has been keeping busy, touring with the Big Day Out festival (2010), playing Parklife (2010 - complete with Star Wars costumes), Good Vibrations (2011) and receiving regular airplay on Triple J for both the recent EP, and the earlier single "Boxcutter".