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(Available at the Forerunner Bookstore, next to the International House of Prayer in KC,MO)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Greg Milk from Telescope is passionate about worship. He’s not your typical worship leader though. He is one of the first to successfully use the vehicle of Hip Hop to get you into God’s presence with the “GOOM” of the sonic boom. So many Christian Hip Hop artists are talking “about” God, whereas Telescope desires only ONE THING, and that is to dwell, run, dance and lay down at the feet of Jesus. Talking TO Him and not just about Him, inviting others to join them.
God asked Greg a staggering question while at a Hip Hop show. As Greg was listening so intently to the artist that was on before him, the Lord asked Greg, “Have you had an experience with Me yet?” The answer was, “NO. I’ve been experiencing this guy rhyme about You. But, no I haven’t actually talked to You yet.” Then the Lord asked, “Would you be a vessel that others look through to see me up close? You won’t get any glory because what you’ll write will cause them to talk to Me.”
It was at that point that The Lord began to show Greg Milk how to lead people into His presence, using Hip Hop as the tool. No flash and pizzazz, just songs that God likes - songs that enable the crowd to sing to Him.
Greg is heavily influenced by the Hip Hop culture while spiritually influenced by Jo Anne MacFatter, Kevin Prosch, Gary Weins, and Ruth Fazal. It’s ok if you’ve never heard of any of these people, but they are sold out seekers of intimacy with Jesus. It’s that passion for Jesus that fuels Greg through worship sets. Songs of deliverance from where you are, songs of love to the Lord, songs of praise and rejoicing, new songs of spontaneity to the One who sits on the throne, and songs of the Lamb woven together with the thread of eternity, to the timeless beats of the Hip Hop culture, Greg Milk leads you into the Holy of Holies.
The infectious smile and contagious joy that Greg Milk brings to your setting allows your worshippers to WANT to participate, and participate they will. Bring towels to dry off with and turn the air conditioner on because the Flame of God consumes Greg Milk and Telescope. So who wants to Praise Him??? I DO.
Unlike most Christian Rap Artists, Telescope is not trying to bridge the gap between secular and religious, providing clean hip-hop beats and verbs to "Christian" thugs. If you are looking for music that entertains, sounds worldly while still maintaining the "Christian" edge, you've got the wrong group. Telescope is pointed at Jesus, the "only Ruler, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who alone is immortal and who lives in unapproachable light, whom no one has seen or can see." We want to give you a glimpse, and hopefully more then just a glimpse, of the beautiful God-man that we have come to fall madly in love with. He alone is worthy, and He alone gets all of our praise.
By definition a telescope is an optical instrument used for viewing distant objects by means of the refraction of light rays through a lens. Considering that our God dwells in unapproachable light, meaning you can't get through the light that simply surrounds Him, a telescope is the best tool or instrument at "observing this God." If we can give you a picture of the true God, the One who fought for you unto His death, the One who wouldn't even let the grave hold Him because of His great love for you, the One who is now seated and is the highest King beckoning you to fall madly in love with Him, we will have fulfilled our desire and His. If you can find one of our songs that doesn't speak of the love of this awesome God, you can write us off as just another band trying to make it. We are sustained fully through His love. Crowds don't move us, money won't move us and fame isn't our desire, we simply want more of Him and are inviting you along for the ride.