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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Write Up in Willamette Week"

"Let me be clear: I have no clue how Telescope Vehicle goes over live. If it's anything like the band's current full-length, Skies and Butterflies, though, tonight should be a lot of fun. Beach Boy "woo-hoos" meld with shimmering, reverb-drenched guitar lines to quilt a trip-pop excursion that proves a fine soundtrack for the emerging Portland summer. Pretty sure Telescope Vehicle isn't Scottish, though, so I couldn't tell you what's up with the dude's accent." - Casey Jarman - Willamette Week

"EofM Reviews Be Love EP"

"Once again, myspace proves that there’s talent to be found everywhere. The latest find, is The Telescope Vehicle from Portland, Oregon, which appears to be the nom de disc of one Jed Grubbs. The four songs on The Telescope Vehicle’s EP, Be Love, have a folky bend to them--Sufjan Stevens without the baroque tendencies--which seems to be the indie rock hipster m.o. these days.

Kicking off with the delicate, "These Colors," which has lots of whispered vocals and light guitar strumming. With this, the tone of gentle folk/rock is set. "When You Have Me There," is more of the same, while "Starlight, Starbright," has an ethereal quality that is very appealing. The last song, "In a Letter From Apollo," has a fuller sound than the first three and sports the best melody of the bunch. The vocal sound on the two middle songs is very tinny, whether that is deliberate or accidental, it’s hard to say, but it does have the potential to become annoying over time.

The Be Love EP sounds like exactly what it probably is: a homemade demo. But there’s enough promise here to keep up the interest and wonder where this Vehicle is gonna go next."

- Evolution of Media

"Photophonic Blog"

"If you’re in the mood for some quiet, pretty music, check out the whispery, atmospheric folk-pop songs of The Telescope Vehicle. Nice!" - Photophonic

"Anika Sabin Reviews TV"

"Listening to NPR’s All Songs Considered this past week, guest host Stephen Thompson referred to a song as hammock music, “music that will lay you down and pour you an ice tea.” I think of Telescope Vehicle as a perfectly fitting epitome to this genre. In “My Prayer,” the Portland quintet emanates warmth and nuance. The vocals are modest and soothing, complementing simple strutting guitars. What gives TV a unique sound however is their soft ambient experimentation. In the middle, “My Prayer” drops into a beautiful atmospherics, reminding me (fondly) of a David Lynch montage—sweeping around the curves of Mullholland Drive or staring at the leaves of Twin Peaks. By the end, “My Prayer” is washed in lo-fi ambience and the remnants of folk dwindle off into pleasing pitch distortions." - Local Cut

"2 Compilations in June '08"

Failing Records
Daydream Generation - Telescope Vehicle

""The Summer of the Sea" Track Review"

"Occasionally I get asked how I find bands for the DG compilations. Aside from recommendations, it’s mainly a combination of looking and luck. Truthfully, I can’t even remember how or when I first came across the sounds of Telescope Vehicle, but as lucky breaks go this is about as lucky as it gets. Think Portland folk/pop, like The Smiths on mushrooms, or Belle & Sebastien’s unpredictable little brother caked in mud throwing painted pebbles at the next door neighbour’s windows. Brilliant vocals, jingle-jangle guitars, and a rhythm section that holds this butterwhale tune together are the key. The day it stops raining in Scotland, I’m putting this gem of a song on my iPod and I’m going to go climb a tree in the middle of nowhere to see what it really sounds like. I’ll let you know how it goes." - Daydream Generation


Skies and Butterflies EP



Telescope Vehicle is a band from Portland, Oregon. The group was formed in the early months of 2008 and draws inspiration from a variety of aritists including: Patsy Cline, Brian Wilson, Magnetic Fields, Beck and My Bloody Valentine. We are also on Myspace: