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Los Angeles, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Los Angeles, CA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Alternative Rock




"Teleskopes - Lazers"

The Los Angeles based alt. rock/shoegaze trio Teleskopes have just dropped the hard-hitting, blazing new ‘space rock’ single, “Lazers,” which, besides being an ass-kicker from start to finish, is at the same time a meticulously arranged, rehearsed and recorded composition that puts Teleskopes into the category of new DIY bands to watch in LA.

The beginnings of the band’s two premiere singles dates back to 2014 when members Fox Fagan (bass, vocals), Pelle Hillstrom (guitar) and Jesper Kristensen (drums) cut the tracks at Dave Grohl’s (Foo Fighters, Nirvana) Northridge Studio 606.

“Because we had played that song so many times live in LA clubs,” says Fagan, “when it came time to record at Studio 606, we did it in three takes…[and] used a lot of the guitars and atmospherics from my bedroom demo sessions.”

Fox and his band fellow band members next handed over their tapes for “Lazers” to famed music producer Joe Chiccarelli (White Stripes, Spoon, Jeff The Brotherhood, Morrissey) who put his final magical touches on the tracks to give the band the sound that they were gunning for.

Mix master Maxime Le Guil, who worked with Nigel Godrich on Radiohead’s “A Moon Shaped Pool,” and Ken Sluiter, assisted with mixing.

The band’s newest single was proceeded by the psych alt. rock, grandiose sound of the searing debut single, “Criminal,” dropped officially on Oct. 26th.

The members of Teleskopes have some serious mojo going on with an upcoming show (Dec. 9th) at the famous Viper Room in Hollywood and a couple of hot alt. rock singles under their belts. If you’re in the wood, check them out.

Via Soundcloud: Listen to the brand new Radio Edit for “Lazers”

Teleskopes on Facebook - Indie Rock Cafe

"Ears Wide Open: Teleskopes"

Teleskopes’ maiden outing “Criminal” — a rapturously anguished slab of shoegazing space-rock — is not beginners’ luck. The trio (singer-bassist Fox Fagan, guitarist Pelle Hillstrom and drummer Jesper Christensen) have played around L.A. for several years without releasing music. And Teleskopes’ members have impressive lineages, having been associated with acts like Modwheelmod, Forever Like Red, Abandoned Pools, Komox and UBYK, among others. Finally, in late 2014, they began laying down tracks at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606, which had acquired the Neve mixing desk from Sound City Studios, famous for recording albums by the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against The Machine and Nirvana. They fine-tuned the recordings in their home studio, got them mixed by Joe Chiccarelli and have an album ready for release, probably next year. Amid the atmospheric guitars and rhythmic slugfest of “Criminal” is a narrator trying to come to terms with the fact he is the son of one. For fans of Failure, Queens of the Stone Age and early Muse. - Buzzbands LA

"Teleskopes - Lazers"

Los Angeles space-shoegazers, Teleskopes, who shared with us their excellent track, Criminals, earlier this Fall, have returned with another sterling space rocker, the more up-tempo, Lazers, which is already available on iTunes, Spotify and more services and also ready to stream below.

The trio is comprised of Fox Fagan (bass, vocals), Pelle Hillstrom (guitar), and Jesper Kristensen (drums), formed in 2011 when the last two met Fagan who had just relocated from Australia to L.A. After working together on other projects, they eventually materialized as a three-piece, began writing their own music and became a successful live act in L.A. clubs like The Viper Room, Harvard & Stone and The Satellite. In 2014 they recorded some of their own tracks at Studio 606 in just a few days and handed them over to music producer, Joe Chiccarelli (White Stripes, Spoon, Bleached, Jeff The Brotherhood, Morrissey). Among these tracks was Lazers, the song that has just become the band's first official release, a solid space rock track, yet again evocative of some early nineties alternative rock vitality. - Destroy // Exist

"Teleskopes Alternative-Entdeckung aus L.A."

Das Soundkartell stellt Euch heute die Alternative-Band Teleskopes aus Los Angeles im Review vor.

Dafür, dass „Criminal“ ihr erster Track überhaupt ist, klingt das schon sehr stark. Groß, pompös und aufbauschend. Ähnlich wie Nothing But Thieves kommt das Trio aus Los Angeles da auf uns zu. Ein Gitarrenriff entlädt sich nach dem anderen, wie Blitze. Fox Fagan (bass, vocals), Pelle Hillstrom (guitar), und Jesper Kristensen (drums) sind für den Sound verantwortlich und mit „Criminal“ haben sie schon mal einen Track rausgebracht, der sitzt.

Seit 2011 gibt es das Trio schon und ursprünglich kommen die Jungs aus Australien. Doch in der Zeit, in der sie ganz konkret am Projekt Band geplant und noch getüfftelt haben, zog es sie nach Los Angeles. Drei Jahre hatte es gedauert, bis sie sich bereit gefühlt haben mit Veröffentlichungen rauszugehen. 14 Songs sind dabei bisher entstanden und „Criminal“ ist bislang der erste von ihnen.

Der Song erzählt die Geschichte eines Anti-Helden und so richtig begreifen kann man das nicht. Denn die Musik ist zwar schon emotional aufgeladen, aber hat auch genug Raum und Fläche um sich weiterzuentwickeln. Sehr bombastisch, aber nicht zu überladen. Ein gutes Mittelmaß zu finden ist da schwer. Aber die US-Amerikaner aus Los Angeles schaffen den Spagat. Auf Dauer vielleicht etwas anstrengend, aber nicht im Moment des Songs wohl gemerkt. - Sound Kartell (Germany)

"Teleskopes : Criminal"

Teleskopes (not to be confused with UK shoegaze pioneers, The Telescopes) are an L.A. based trio comprised of Fox Fagan (bass, vocals), Pelle Hillstrom (guitar), and Jesper Kristensen (drums).

The band has an upcoming full length in the works, from which they have shared a vigorous, fuzzed, psych track of space rock dynamism and shoegaze-y excellence, which sounds like it has dropped straight from the early nineties, conveying vibes of alternative rock's most fruitful era.

Listen below and be alert for what's coming next by this fine band... - Destroy // Exist

"Teleskopes – Criminal - Audio"

It is of little surprise that Teleskopes have been planning an LP since 2014, though word arrives that as an as yet untitled album consisting of possibly ten tracks is a thought for sometime in 2017, given the time-bending material they create.

One track has surfaced from the album – Criminal – and to gain maximal appreciation ensure you have crystals spinning slowly with bright light shining through them to create the refraction of colours hanging above your head and gaze up at an otherwise darkened ceiling, or failing that grab hold of a kaleidoscope and you will be in the right space to enjoy their output.

Slowing the movement of the Stereocilia, Teleskopes, are not a band to be listening to whilst walking unless aiming to stagger around in ever decreasing circles as the undulating guitar and reverberating drum slew across the room with accompanying bass and vocal which revolve inside themselves as they ease their way into the brain. - Emerging Indie Bands

"September 30 2016 - Hot Top Ten"

Released earlier this month, the Los Angeles-based three-piece comprised of relocated Australian Fox Fagan (bass, vocals), and Pelle Hillstrom (guitar), and Jesper Kristensen (drums), come up with a big reverbed number here, that builds from subdued opening into cascades of drums and guitar. - Little Indie Blogs


Teleskopes make the the distant sort of rock that you can’t help but blast at top volume. With psych vibes aplenty and a level of nonchalance that isn’t all that different from the attitudes of the Gallagher brothers, the LA trio and their debut ‘Criminal’ is not to be missed. - Mytacism Music

"DIY Releases Out This Week"

Los Angeles DIY space rock/noise duo Teleskopes shared a single, “Release Your Mind,” from the just released album, For The Living. - Indie Rock Cafe

"Teleskopes - For The Living EP"

As far as surprises go, Teleskopes take the cake. They are a relatively unknown band quickly starting to turn heads with insatiable vocal melodies and up-tempo music with a few psychedelic elements thrown in for good measure. After listening to the debut EP called For The Living (ironically, the band’s original name was Telescopes For The Living), it’s certain that as long as they stay around, they will make an impact on the music scene.
If I could describe this EP in one word, it would be beautiful. Recently in the L.A. and Hollywood music scenes they have gained a reputation as a mesmerizing live act. “Release Your Mind” could not have been more appropriately titled and serves as the awesome opener. It features soft and subtle riffs that echo in aSainthood Reps-esque fashion, but a lot less aggressive. The vocals are captivating in the sense that they make you feel every word that comes out of singer Fox Fagan.
Changing up the pace just a bit, “Private Michael” is a real easygoing track. Simple bass and drum line with a random assortment of guitars start off the track, which then melds into a really catchy, radio-ready chorus line. When the chorus line hits, it sounds like two completely different songs altogether. I would have loved to see them build off of the verse and bridge sections as one song and build the chorus into an all new song.
This EP isn’t half bad and is sure to gain a lot of fans. It’s really adventurous and experimental with familiar sounds and not-so-familiar sounds. If you’re a fan of rock or indie music, this EP is a must listen. This is another excellent example of refined and finessed, yet unbridled energy. - Minds Equal Blown


Still working on that hot first release.



Teleskopes, an LA based 3-piece comprised of Fox Fagan (bass, vocals), Pelle Hillstrom (guitar), and Jesper Kristensen (drums).

The trio formed in 2011 when Hillstrom and Kristensen met Fagan who had recently relocated to Los Angeles from Australia. After working together on several other projects, the three eventually began writing and recording their own music. Early recordings came together slowly, as focus was on developing Teleskopes live show in LA clubs such as The Viper Room, Harvard & Stone and The Satellite.

In 2014, Teleskopes felt ready to record. Finding an environment that could capture and harness the live energy of the band was paramount. Later that year, they were connected through a friend with Studio 606. The facility had recently acquired the classic Neve mixing desk from Sound City Studios, famous for recording albums by the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails, Fleetwood Mac, Arctic Monkeys, Rage Against The Machine and Nirvana to name a few. Making the most of a few short days, they tracked 14 songs and have since continued the process in their home studio producing and fine tuning these recordings.

 The band then handed over finished tracks to Joe Chiccarelli (White Stripes, Spoon, Bleached, Jeff The Brotherhood, Morrissey) for mixing. So far two tracks from these recordings have been shared by the band. 'Criminal' which Buzzbands LA said was a a "rapturously anguished slab of shoegazing space-rock" and the current single 'Lazers' 
which Mark Sovel debuted on his 'Check...One Two' show on KLOS.
Teleskopes were Deli-Magazines band of the month for November 2016.