Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Blending ancient and modern instrumentation and spirit, the Baltimore-based group Telesma bridges the gap between primal and futuristic. Setting themselves apart with their intoxicating sound and extraordinary live performances, they'll inspire your soul and get your body moving.


The Telesma experience is an ecstatic trans-cultural phenomenon with a highly infectious and danceable beat. Exploding on the Baltimore music scene in 2002, it soon developed a loyal local fan base and then shook the underground festival scene from coast to coast. Alex Grey, the noted visionary artist, hailed Telesma as shamanic with a sense of an underlying universal wisdoma rare combination in a rock/techno band.

Telesmas blurs the line between performer and audience, attracting the most creative VJs, dancers, visual artists and body artists to its shows. Every Telesma show is a vortex of creativity; a celebration of body, mind and spirit.

The didgeridoo and manDrum too. Telesmas vast arsenal of musical finery includes instruments as divergent as the didgeridoo, kubing (bamboo mouth harp from the Philippines), to electronic and tribal drums and the manDrum, one of the inventions of Telesmas guitarist, as well as bass, keyboards, drum kit and the human voice.

Hard to describe. Dancing is mandatory. Telesmas sound has been sometimes described as psychedelic tribal modern world dance music, with diverse sounds ranging from intense polyrhythmic rock to the trance-like pulses of modern electronic dance/groove music.

To experience Telesma live is to become part of the show. More than just music, its a swirling, whirling, twirling eventits extremely hard not to become involved in the swaying, hypnotic rhythms that pour forth from the stage. Michael Macey of the Chesapeake Music Guide

Dead Can Dance with Teeth Telesma has been compared to Dead Can Dance, Pink Floyd, Tabla Beat Science, Amon Tobin, King Crimson, Ravi Shankar, Krishna Das, Afro-Celt Soundsystem, Bob Marley, Sun Ra Arkestra, Thievery Corporation, Tool, Mickey Harts Planet Drum, and Peter Gabriel, to name a few.

Telesma Offerings. Telesma introduced the first Visionary Gathering to Baltimore with the internationally recognized artist Alex Grey in 2008. Captured live in 5.1 Surround Sound, the band released the DVD of the event as well as the live CD, Hearing Visions: Live to great acclaim. More collaborative projects with Alex Grey at his Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM) ensued, as well as performances with visionary artist Adam Scott Miller. Their studio album, O(h)M, also received critical acclaim upon its release in 2007 on the independent label sTRANGELY cOMPELLING mUSIC. Over the years, the group has also co-produced several celestial events coinciding with the solstice and equinox celebrations. Telesma has performed with artists such as Shpongle, Beats Antique, EOTO, ArcheDream For HumanKind, Delhi2Dublin, Woodland, Bernie Worrell, See-I (featuring members of Thievery Corporation), Faun, Elliot Lip, Jim Donavan (Rusted Root), The Gypsy Nomads, and many other artists from around the world.

Coast to coast. Not to be missed, Telesma has been in demand from coast to coast at such venues/festivals as the Starwood Pagan Gathering, FaerieWorlds (OR), PEX Summerfest, Spoutwood Fairie Festival, EvolveFest, FaeireCon, Raw Spirit Gathering, Culturefest, Karmafest, Maryland Faerie Festival, Alex Greys Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM), Free Spirit Gathering, Primal Arts Festival, the Baltimore PowWow, Phanphest, SoWeBo Festival, Nelsons Ledges Quarry Park, 98Rocks Summer Concert Series, and many great venues including Sonar, 810 Club, Quixotes True Blue (CO), Ukiah Brewery (CA), Recher Theatre, Metro Gallery, The Senator Theatre, The Creative Alliance at the Patterson, Public Assembly (NY), and The Whiskey to name a few.

We are Telesma: Ian Hesford (didgeridoo, kubing, dumbek, percussion) and Jason Sage (keyboards, vocals, percussion, programmer), Joanne Juskus (vocals, percussion, karatalas), Chris Mandra (guitar, analog guitar synth, the manDrum, and vocals), Bryan Jones Jonesy (6 string MIDI & upright basses, theremin, percussion), and Rob Houck (drum kit, percussion, electronic drums) to complete the lineup.



Written By: Telesma

Caught up in the ricochet okay
what to say, how to play, when to stay under attack
Shed a little tear and then go in where
there we don't care we can bear the insight
Get a little bit of air down there
well aware there's a prayer and it's deep and hidden

Welling over, your shoulder
(welling over, let it smolder)
closer (within)
closer everyday

Read it in a magazine
so mean Norma Jean in between fat and lean
the truth of it
Covered up in Maybelline
obscene closet queen libertine squeaky clean
in the thick of it
Cutting like a guillotine we see it
clear coming near coming into focus
Electrical and so serene
it is what it is what it is when it is unseen

Found a way to get away
all day everyday every way anyway not comin back
Caught up in the ricochet okay
what to say, how to pay, when to stay under attack


Written By: Telesma

who are you? / who am (i)?
we are one / polar (eyes)
frigid sun / barren sea
no one (nose) / freedom’s free

pagan truth / holy lies
who am (i) to criticize
sullen joy / blissful cries
unity will polar (eyes)
rosy cross & serpents tongue
effigy & aqualung
fire’s father, widow’s son
stars advance & shadows run
tomb beyond & tomb below
goings come & comings go
no one (nose) / freedom’s free
frigid sun / barren sea
pagan truth / holy lies
unity will polar (eyes) [3x]