Monmouth, Oregon, USA

We are five small town buds who were just acquaintances until music brought us to see the friendship that we have now. Jesse helped me face my(Krister) drug addiction by coping with music; now, here we are hoping you'll enjoy our unique blend of mojo. Were just five musicians jamming out.


Jesse started playing music in middle school on an old fender acoustic. He couldnt get enough of playing so he took it everywhere with him. A little after he got his first Taylor guitar I(Krister) hung out with him. We became good friends and I bought my first guitar (2008) and he tought me a lot. His patience and musical influence helped me face my drug addiction and saved me from loosing the potential I have in life, that is to do anything I set my mind to. G.B., Roanan, and Nick are also very talented. G.B. Drums and plays guitar, and sings. Roanan is an all round musician dabbling in everything. Nick is our harmonica player and bassist. Are music is hard to put a genre on because it does very. Some of our influences are MGMT, Elliott Smith, Bon Iver, Iron & Wine, Sufjan Stevens, Joshua Radin, Jeremy Koebel, and Modest Mouse. With these influences some hear a love for folk and alternative in are music..whatever they hear, it is cool with us. Its the music that matters.


No Radio Play..will show you some tunes soon though!!

Set List

No set list, no typicals..haha..we go with the flow..we just hope people connect with what we present.