New York City, New York, USA

"layered indie pop tinged with rock vim and vigor" - "The American Bjork" - Boston Phoenix "Teletextile surrounds the clear, girlish voice of Pamela Martinez with dense, stormy guitar, piano and electronics." - Time Out New York


“The meaning of the name Teletextile is not first date information,” says Pamela Martinez. She holds its explanation close as an opportunity to entice all the visionaries, escapists, fantasizers, romantics and haters. ”Teletextile’s definition is packed in suitcases with things words can’t describe.”

As you can tell, Martinez’s musical adventures started at a young age, picking up instrument after instrument, audible in the lush songs of Teletextile’s layered arrangements of harps, guitars, strings, electronics, choirs and the like.

Long commutes on Texas highways had the radio alternating between her mother and grandmother’s love of Etta James, and her father’s affection for George Harrison. My sweet lord, my sweet lord, I just want to make love to you while my guitar gently weeps. But Martinez is no lone ranger, she vanguards a gold rush of musical pioneers.

And in case you’re not interested in Teletextile. Martinez recommends listening to Pj Harvey, Brian Eno, Björk or Radiohead. “It’s basically the same thing.”


teletextile - glass (2011)
teletextile - reflector EP (2010)
teletextile - care package (2007) self release
Pamela Martinez - self-titled (2004) self release
Heavy Rotation- Dorm Sessions II (compilation) distr. Rounder Records
PM guest on Justin Tranter's solo album (The Semi-Precious Weapons)

Set List

teletextile typically performs a 40+ min set of dreamy and beautiful songs/instrumentals. Shows ocassionally involved some sort of multimedia art (vidoe/dance/performance)

what if i
the lark
distant places
I don't know how to act here
what if you