Pop rock drawing from influences such as U2 and Tears for Fears


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New Day

Written By: Christopher Hatlevig, Reid McNulty

Eyes open in the morning
And there’s no one else around
All the lights they seem to blind you
They seem to bind you
And you fear you’ll be alone
With no place to call a home

You’re driving in your car
And you’re looking left to right
Just to see who might believe you
Who might receive you
As the emptiness builds
There’s a space you gotta fill

Everything comes around, comes around
Cry tonight let your walls fall down
Believe me, there’s a new day coming
Everyone gets around, gets around
The poor man smiles and the rich man frowns
Believe me, we’re all the same

As your life seems to grow
And you know, I don’t know, what you know
You hold your secrets but always leak it
By the pain in your eyes
It’s your weakest disguise

The puzzle’s getting harder
As the pieces lose their shape
All the colors turn to white
All the beauty sucked away
By the day to day lies
Someday you’re gonna realize

City lights to the countryside
Worldwide we’re getting by
We’re reaching for a new day
Everything comes around, comes around
Sleep tonight, we’re gonna be alright
Believe me, believe me…