Tellers have been described by the Erie Daily Times as a band that " worships at the altars of Bowie and T-Rex, Cooper and Reed, Glitter and Glam". Cleveland LIve's Rob Cherry states the "Tellers manage a near miracle..If you believe that "real" rock . roll was killed off by the Beatles' arty Sgt Pepper's back in1967, then prepare to meet a ghost.


The Tellers were born of a Cleveland garage in the summer of 1998 resulting in their first release on 12" vinyl entitled "In Loving Memory of Rock N Roll..." This critically acclaimed, 13 song, LP exhibits the bands raw sensabilities as it takes the listener on a runaway train ride through 60's garage nostalgia and teenage angst driven hormone psych-rock. The years have been good to the Tellers though; aftar their debut release, Tellers went on to add a piano player in time to record a collection of studio demos documenting the band's growing maturity. Aftar an array of successful shows and reviews the Tellers released their second official release, a retrospective of the bands' evolution thus far entitled; "Bum Notes and Sore Throats". Now in 2004, the Tellers emerge again with a grand culmination of the bands experiance and maturity. a third album due out this spring/summer!


Ordinary Sound

Written By: Samantha Starborn

and those boys are playing on the radio
through the rooms they echo
they're bursting through the speakers on the shelve
no one else
can hear the way they buzz and break
what a take
on ordinary sound....

now the man is whisteling through the vinyl
through the needle pressed down
he's bubbleing throught the speakers on the floor
play it once more
but take notice of it's subtle quake
what a take
on ordinary sound.....

the tragedy the things in me
they're not the way they're supposed to be but I..
sit around my apartment floor
hoping to find somthing that wasn't there before
but I can read between the lines
the polotics of different minds
perception youth mortality
between the notes we can let then be...

an now the band is reging while the tape runs
capture the immaculate
they're growling to the whipcracks of the drums
and when it's done
we'll listen to the music in the background
what a take
on ordinary sound
ordinary sound

One Way Streets

Written By: Samantha Starborn

close the doors and draw the curtains
don't let the sun shine down the hall
white light creeping over my vision
chameagne shakes and backstreet dolls
there's only one left standing
pull the plug
One way streets are for those who have their minds made up

Take a rocket to oblivion
you won't be sorry once your gone
take a trip a far due vacation
and I'll make sure you won't be gone too long
I think he's breaking
drag him down
one way streets are for those who can't turn it around

we don't need no rules or religion
who has time to set aside
it's not worth getting off the train yet
because for now I'm satisfied
I'm satisfied

the towers churning out another
things are coming to a boil
the factories turning out another
one more drilling for perfect oil
he's not a threat to us any more
one way street are for those who
never find the door

Being Alone

Written By: Samantha Starborn

dawn breaks but still I wear the dark behind my ears
it was me who burned the lamp
for these short years
as a friend I took your hand when you turned to say
"walk ten paces turn"
and then you blew me away

I don't need anyone to stand on my own
cuz' I happen to like
being alone

I can see so much you reflected in my eyes
we're not so different less our choice of disguise
I saw streangth in you
darling I saw pain
but what I did not see was that beneath it all
you're also vain


LP - In Loving Memory of Rock n Roll...
EP - (3 song) "Just One Minute"
EP - (3 song) " Cold"
LP - Bum Notes and Sore Throats
LP - comming soon......

Set List

Average set time : approx. 45 min.
max set time : 1 hour, 30 min

If I had My Way
Just One Minute
5 I Am
One Way Streets
the actor
It Begins Here
Shine Shine
Glitter Doll
Ordinary Sound
A Long Way to Go
Turning Me On
Being Alone

Remake/Remodel (Roxy Music)
Cracked Actor (David Bowie)
Shake Some Action (Flaming Groovies)
Moonage Daydream (David Bowie)
They're gonna get you someday (The Count Five)