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The best kept secret in music


"Skewed summer rock"

Rating: 5 / 6

O.J. Ottoson starts this album off with "Sacred Bird, Pretty Bird", sounding like a mix of John Lennon and Neil Young. Not too bad; especially when you take into consideration that Ottoson lost his voice after the band released their critically acclaimed and [Norwegian] Grammy-nominated debut album.

While Ottoson lost his voice, the drummer disappeared. In his place we now have Anders Lie. Lie works with Ottoson outside the band installing cooling units, men he also plays drums, gitar, organs, piano, accordian and the tamborine.

Third man out is Freddy something on bass and piano. Magnus "Safariari" Abelsen mixed the album. After this album was recorded Morgan Mikkelsen (ex-Ricochets) replaced the former drummer, freeing up Lie to do the multi-instrumentalist thing.

On the second song, "Kick It Back", the Neil Young-influence becomes even clearer. A naked voice, a guitar and a harmonica, followed by piano and distant strokes on the cymbals. Young almost seems like a ghostwriter for parts of the album.

The band plays pure, raw, unpolished and intrusive rock'n'roll, with simple riffs and an expression that spans from new wave country to slow rock. All the while Ottosons voice ties the album together.

The arrangements span from simple to more complex and dark. Small details give the songs personality, ie. "D Major", where a sci fi-mood is acheived with air-y slideguitar and tambourin rhythm in the vein of Velvet Underground.

It's a great song, as are most songs on this big-thinking, but simply executed second album.

It's summer music as well, in it's own ragged way. - Dagbladet (Translated)

"Melancholic and heartfelt."

Rating: 5 / 6

Tellusalie were a pleasant surprise when they were nominated for a [Norwegian] Grammy in rock two years ago. A lot has happened since then - the loss of the singers voice, the loss of the drummer, amongst other things - and it's probably the reason why they're asking themselves "is the outside there?"

Musically this is a rock of the American, low-key kind, with more than a few drops of melancholy. Singer O.J. Ottosen supports this mood well with his yearning vocals. Grant Lee Buffalo are likely source of inspiration, but "Jealous Guy" by John Lennon might very well be a relevant reference.

The first listen might leave you with the impression of an album that's too holistic, but this is music that grows with every listen. Add to this a willigness to write lyrics far more ambitious than most other Norwegian bands, and you're left with one of the most personlig and heartfelt albums of the year. - Dagsavisen (Translated)


Tell Us A Lie (EP, 2003)
Tangerine Dreams (LP, 2004)
Is The Outside Still There? (LP, 2006)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Tellusalie are not about glamour, red carpets and drinking champagne with dim-witted celebrities. The band make real music with real instruments that are operated by real humans that are still capable of experiencing real human emotions.

Neil Young, Grant Lee Buffalo/Phillips and Paul Westerberg/The Replacements are often cited as influences. There's some truth in that, but there's a whole lot of lies in it too. As with any band that apires of being something more than a stealthy cover band, they are a result of their influences, but they don't sound like any one of them.

Give them a chance on their own merits, they'll highly fertile and will grow on any open mind.