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A HOT NEW VOICE with ORIGINAL FLAVA'!!! He TEACHES the Word, PREACHES the Word, DELIVERS the Word!!! Listen now and you'll agree!!!


Te`Luvv (Todd Dillan Smith) surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ November 29, 1998 during his freshman year at the University of Puget Sound. He was not lured to drugs or gang life, however, he stilled lived without Christ. Born out of Detroit, Michigan coming from a home of domestic violence, drugs and alcohol abuse, he left his home bitter and broken. He was aggressive, filled with rage and violence. He ultimately surrendered to God due to the constant emptiness he felt in the midst of the successes he thought he made for himself. Todd gave up everything in his life that he knew was not holy or righteous in the sight of God on his day of salvation. He received the call to minister through rap music during college. His experience with young people has been an ongoing delight ever since his middle school days.

Te`Luvv’s evangelistic teaching ministry, Made Up Mind Ministries, concentrates on young people anywhere from grade school through college. Furthermore, many people of all sizes, shapes and colors have been inspired by his music, his message, his heart for God, his leadership and his love for young people. He has continued to submit to Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior, taking up his cross daily for 6 years now. Te`Luvv has a MADE UP MIND to practice living to make it in.”

Te`Luvv has been blessed to minister at more than 180 events and counting. Some highlights include 2005 Holy Hip Hop Awards, Mountain Dew Float Fest, Gospel Fest, Soul Fest, Harvest Fest Glen Rose, Camp Buttercreek, TriState Starlight Review, TBN’s JC-TV “Exit-16,” J-ROCK Coffee Cafe TV, and Freedom Fest. He is fed spiritually throughout the week and is the youth leader at Next Generation Christian Center under the ministry of Pastor Mike Wilson (253) 752-9889 located at 8920 Gravelly Lake Dr. SW, Lakewood, WA 98499.

BOTTOM LINE: I didn't get off of drugs or gangs and turned to God. I am a finished product of poverty, ghetto life, domestic violence, college, and the saving grace of Jesus Christ. I am free to serve the Lord wholeheartedly and with integrity. I am free from the opinion of others in pursuing what the Lord has put in my heart. I have been persuaded by mature and anointed men and women of God and I have a MADE UP MIND to serve Jesus!


He Is My LIFESTYLE (Released Fall 2005)
Made Up Mind released Fall 2003
It's Personal (REMIX) released Winter 2003

Radio airplay tracks:
Can't Do It (He Is My Lifestyle)
Lifestyle Skate Mix (He Is My Lifestyle)
Prayin' (Made Up Mind)
Get 'em Up (Made Up Mind)
Dominion (Made Up Mind)
Well Done (Made Up Mind)
In Jesus' Name (It's Personal REMIX)
Represent (It's Personal REMIX)

Set List

My sets are anywhere from 45-90 minutes. Depending on the engagement I will talk in between my songs a little. Sometimes I will just do call and repeat stuff to keep the energy going. Other times I will do a non-stop set, where a little bit of each song is played with some instrumentals for crowd participation.

Sets may include songs like:
-Get 'em Up
-In Jesus' Name
-Jesus Died on It
-Exceedingly Abudantly
-Well Done