Temeka Thompson

Temeka Thompson


This phenomonal worshipper, Temeka Thompson heals when she opens her mouth to minister! Pronounced as the Princess of Praise and Worship as an Independent Artist, Temeka's debut CD, "Bow Down" is a must have.


This psalmist, after God’s own heart, is opening the eyes of people all over the world. Born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in Tallahassee, Florida Temeka is dedicated to touching the lives of God’s people through singing, writing songs, and acting.

After serving in the U.S. Air Force and surviving the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks at the Pentagon, Temeka had no doubts that she was called to minister through song. While ministering for various ceremonies and events in Alaska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey Florida and the DC metropolitan area, she is still amazed at how awesome and faithful God is. Her acting highlight, is performing as a lead character (Shanay) in, “Satan’s Expose’ Phase II, the most graphic stage play in America”, directed by Jay Cameron.

Though busy being a faithful wife and mother; this disciple, deems it necessary to volunteer her time and assistance at Nursing Homes, Homeless shelters, and teach youth about abstinence and self-esteem. Temeka is perhaps best known for being real, down to earth, and anointed. As a gifted writer, singer and arranger, her musical highlights are singing with Joe Pace of the Colorado Mass Choir and singing at the White House.

Although new to the gospel industry, The Princess of Praise and Worship is no stranger to the Holy Spirit. Her debut album “Bow Down” is a mixture of praise and worship and inspirational songs. Produced by internationally known Phillip Carter, whose impressive resume includes working with Karen Clark-Sheard, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Albertina Walker, Edwin, Walter and Tramaine Hawkins and Jennifer Holliday, this CD is a must have.

“Temeka Thompson is a breath of fresh air. Her vocals are light and angelic, which enables her God-given ability to minister to the hardest of hearts and defeated spirits. She is uplifting, inspiring and ordained for such a time as this!”
-Candace Ledbetter
1 NAME Ministries


Songs from the debut album, "Bow Down", are in rotation on the following radio stations:
1350 AM WLOU in Louisville, KY
92.7FM WGBA in the Brunswick, GA tri-county area